Diana's mysterious wardrobe code in the War of the Waleses

The War of the Waleses! Millions were watching when Diana used a mysterious WARDROBE CODE of blue polka dots and stripes in POLYESTER. And it was specially chosen to taunt Camilla, says royal author

  • Kanga Tryon claimed she understood Charles like no other lover
  • She also designed patterned dresses for Sloane Rangers…

If the rivalry between Diana and Camilla became part of royal folklore, they weren’t the only women to find themselves entangled with the heir to the throne.

According to author Tina Brown, there was a time in the 1970s when Charles had two married women ‘on call for the Prince while their husbands looked the other way’.

One of them was Camilla Shand, by then married to the glamorous army officer Andrew Parker-Bowles.

The other was a sparky Australian called Dale ‘Kanga’ Tryon, who had met Charles when, aged 17, he had spent six months at Geelong Grammar School.

Diana appears next to David Bowie at Live Aid wearing pale blue polyester!

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, holds his 9 week-old godson, Charles George Barrington Tryon, after his Christening in  1976. With them is the child’s mother, Dale Tryon

 ‘After moving to London and marrying Lord Tryon, she became a trusted confidante,’ writes Brown in her best-selling book The Palace Papers.

‘Dale’s directness, warmth and talent at country entertaining were just the sort of qualities that Charles admired in Camilla.

‘It did not make Camilla happy that Dale put it about that Charles was said to have declared Dale “the only woman who ever understood me”.’

At one point, Dale designed a range of dresses known as the Kanga line and popular with Sloane Rangers,

According to Brown, this is why in July 1985 – with her jealousy of Camilla at its height – Diana chose to wear a rather curious polyester frock in polka dots and stripes to one of the events of the decade, Live Aid, with its global TV audience running into millions.

‘Princess Diana wore one of her deeply off-brand, multi-patterned dresses…just to make Camilla insane,’ she writes.

Whether it did or not is another matter as, according to The Palace Papers, Camilla viewed Kanga with a degree of sang froid, telling the author:

Lady Tryon curties to the Prince of Wales at a charity gala in 1990

Lord and Lady Dale ‘Kanga’ Tryon at a Royal Charity Premiere of Wall Street

Lady Diana Spencer and Camilla Parker Bowles in 1980. They have been snapped side by side at Ludlow Races where Prince Charles was competing. Charles would marry Diana the following year

‘All this stuff about Lady Tryon being such a friend of Lady Diana…She’s never even met Diana Spencer.’

The romance with Charles, such as it was, ended sadly for Lady Tryon.

According to Brown, Dale had believed that, as his marriage to Diana unravelled, the Prince of Wales would turn to her instead. He did not- and Kanga fell apart.

She sadly died of septicaemia in 1997 aged only 49.

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