Disgust of Tunbridge Wells over BBC blunder that called town Tonbridge

Disgust of Tunbridge Wells over BBC blunder that called the town ‘Royal Tonbridge Wells’ – its less affluent neighbour five miles down the road

  • BBC confused Tunbridge Wells with Tonbridge, its less affluent neighbour
  • Citizens of Tunbridge Wells were left bristling with indignation over the mix up  
  • Average house price in spa town is £520,000 – £100,000 more than Tonbridge

Its residents have something of a reputation for being quick to complain whenever they sense that good standards are slipping.

Now the citizens of Tunbridge Wells really have been left as ‘disgusted’ as their stereotype after the BBC confused their Kent spa town with Tonbridge, its less affluent neighbour.

Their hackles were raised after an episode of BBC2’s Interior Design Masters filmed in their town carried the caption ‘Royal Tonbridge Wells’ when it aired last week.

Pedestrians walk past shops along The Pantiles in Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent, south east England, November 2020

Local charity worker Christopher Greenwood, 43, said: ‘As soon as I saw it, I knew people would be bristling with indignation.

‘My phone rang off the hook for about an hour. Some thought it was funny, but some were very offended.’

And Karen Atkins, 38, added: ‘The BBC should really know better.’

A general view of Tonbridge, Kent, where house prices are £100,000 less on average than those in the neighbouring the spa town Tunbridge Wells

The average house price in the spa town is £520,000 – £100,000 more than Tonbridge, five miles away.

Producers Banijay UK said: ‘We’re correcting the mistake for all future broadcasts and apologise to the welcoming and helpful people of Royal Tunbridge Wells.’

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