Disgusting moment 'cannibal snake' swallows another snake headfirst

Disgusting moment ‘cannibal snake’ swallows another snake headfirst in front of horrified beachgoers

  • Cody Green spotted the snakes on a WA beach
  • At first, he thought the two reptiles were mating
  • He then realised one snake was eating the other 

Shocking footage shows the moment one snake ate another on a beach in Western Australia.  

Cody Green, who filmed the snakes, was enjoying a summer evening at Binningup beach in late February.

As he relaxed, a pair of reptiles came rolling down the bank, stopping directly in front of him. 

At first, he assumed the snakes were mating, however he quickly realised one, a metre-long dugite, was eating the other.

A stunned Mr Green immediately pulled out his phone and began filming the creatures. 

In the footage, the dominant snake crushes its prey, who tries to wriggle away in vain. 

The dugite traps the other snake before swallowing its head. 

According to the Australian Museum, dugites are known to be cannibalistic in the wild.

In the footage, the dominant creature crushes its prey, who tries to wriggle away in vain

Some can even swallow snakes almost as large as themselves.

They use both venom and constriction to subdue its prey. 

The snake would take three to five days to digest its cannibalistic meal. 

Mr Green said it was the first time he had seen a snake eat another and he was thrilled to capture the footage. 

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