Dog won’t let go of her new owners after they sign adoption papers

Heartbreaking moment hairless shelter dog called Fish clings to her new owners after they sign her adoption papers

  • Fish, a shelter dog, was so excited when she was adopted by her new owner’s in Tampa, Florida on July 23
  • The pup instantly clung to her new family the first time they met at the Pet Resource Center
  • In the video, Fish is over the moon about her new adoption and refuses to let go of one of her owners
  •  Fish is recovering from Demodicosis mange

An adorably mangy pup won’t get off of new owners after they sign papers to adopt her from a shelter.

At the Pet Resource Center in Tampa, Florida, a small and completely hairless puppy was ecstatic on Sunday when she finally met her new family.

Fish, an American Staffordshire Terrier Mix, was found by owner Madison Sheriff and her boyfriend when they went to have a look at the local shelter.

In a video posted on Newsflare, Fish has perched herself on one of her owner’s laps and is excitedly clinging onto the man’s shoulders.

Fish, a shelter dog, was delighted when her new owner’s signed adoption papers on Tuesday by Madison Sheriff and her boyfriend

She even gives him quick kisses all over the side of his face.

‘My boyfriend and I fell in love when we saw her curled in a ball in her kennel. She wiggled her way to us and she showered us with affection,” Sheriff said on the dog’s Instagram page.

Sheriff told Newsflare that when they initially took Fish out of the kennel she immediately clung to their legs.

The video from Newsflare shows the small pup refusing to let go of as she wags her tail and licks her owner’s face

Sheriff: ‘Once they clear her Fish will be joining a family that will give her the love she always deserved!’

‘Her tail was wagging and dandruff from her bare skin was flying everywhere. My boyfriend sat down and she climbed into his lap and rolled all over him to give him all the affection her tiny body can give, Sheriff said.

‘She covered his shirt in blood from her tiny scabs opening up in the Florida heat.’ 

Fish is recovering from a bad infestation of Demodicosis mange, a disease caused by mites that results in hair loss and scaling among other symptoms.

Sheriff visited the dog every day until she signed the paperwork to adopt Fish on Tuesday.

She said, ‘I visited her everyday till we could figure out some things at home with our other animals but we knew we needed her.’

According the Instagram post, Fish is currently getting treatment for her disease but once she does she’ll be going to her new home.

Sheriff said, ‘Once they clear her Fish will be joining a family that will give her the love she always deserved!

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