Donald Trump gifts Queen a Tiffany brooch and Prince Philip an Air Force One flying jacket and signed autobiography by US WW2 hero James Doolittle

DONALD Trump has given the Queen a Tiffany brooch, and gifted Prince Philip a personalised Air Force One flying jacket and a book by a World War II hero.

On day two of the historic visit the thoughtful presents given to the Royals have been revealed today.

The Queen's brooch is a poppy design made of silver and silk, in a custom-made White House wood jewellery box.

Her gift has a similar theme to the one Her Majesty gave to First Lady Melania yesterday – of a Buckingham Palace-inspired silver box, featuring foliage representing the ceiling of the music room.

Prince Philip's gifts stuck with an Air Force theme, as he also received a first-edition signed autobiography by James Doolittle – an American General celebrated as a hero after an air raid on Japan following Pearl Harbour.

Yesterday the Queen gave Mr Trump a first edition of Winston Churchill's book on World War II, and a three-piece Duofold pen set – exclusively made for the Queen.

The pair were handed the items as they toured the palace with the Monarch, after she greeted the US President warmly yesterday afternoon.

The President and his family were greeted with full pomp and ceremony when his helicopter landed on the lawn for the official start of his three-day tour.

The Queen hosted lunch for Mr Trump and wife Melania, then led them on a tour of Buckingham Palace.

The First Couple moved on to Westminster Abbey, to place a wreath at the grave of the Unknown Warrior.


James "Jimmy" Doolittle was an American General and aviation pioneer.

He was a flying instructor in World War I and was called back for duty in World War II.

He was awarded the Medal of Honor as commander of the Doolittle Raid, or Tokyo Raid.

This was a bold long-range air raid on the Japanese main islands, four months after the devastating attack on Pearl Harbour.

On April 18, 1942, the US Air Force targeted Tokyo and other places on the island of Honshu with modified bombers carrying 225kg bombs.

The attack boosted US morale and caused the Japanese to doubt their leadership, and was widely celebrated as a success – Doolittle became a hero.

The raid inspired several films, most recently the Hollywood blockbuster Pearl Harbour, featuring Alec Baldwin as Doolittle, and Ben Afflect, Josh Hartnett and Kate Beckinsale.

Doolittle wrote an autobiography, I Could Never Be So Lucky Again, which told his life story – which is the gift Prince Philip was given by President Trump.



The President and the First Lady presented the Queen with a silver and silk poppy brooch in a custom White House wood jewellery box in red leather box, Mrs Trump's office said.

The Duke of Edinburgh was also brought a gift – a personalised Air Force One Jacket and a first-edition signed autobiography by James Doolittle: I Could Never Be So Lucky Again.

The Queen gave Mr Trump a first edition of Winston Churchill's book on World War II, and gifted his wife, Melania, a custom-made Buckingham Palace-inspired silver box, which features foliage representing the ceiling of the music room.

The rare book, The Second World War, was published in 1959 and features gold tooled decoration on the cover, spine and inner cover, an EIIR cypher in gold on the front, silk endpapers and hand-sewn headbands in colours of the US flag.

Her Majesty also gave Mr Trump a three-piece Duofold pen set – a fountain pen, rollerball pen and ball point pen with EIIR cypher – using the obsidian design, exclusively made for the Queen.

They had tea with Prince Charles and Camilla, before getting ready to appear at a State Banquet last night.

The heads of state were pictured chuckling together ahead of their speeches to the 170 guests at the feast in the US President's honour.

Mr Trump hailed the Queen as a "great, great woman" who inspired Britain to win WW2 as he spoke at the the glitzy event.

Her Majesty also formally welcomed Mr Trump to Britain during the banquet and paid tribute to Britain's D-day heroes 75 years on.

Guests dined on halibut followed by Windsor lamb and a pudding of strawberry sable – a menu specially selected by Her Majesty on the advice of her expert chefs.

Today the President kicked off with breakfast hosted by the Prime Minister at St James's Palace with Prince Andrew.

He is due to visit No 10 for lunch, before hosting dinner at the US ambassador's residents in Regent's Park with Prince Charles.

Demonstrators have vowed lay siege to Downing Street, with protests still expected to take place despite police imposing a ban on marching down Whitehall.

Thousands of activists are expected in central London as the US president meets Mrs May, although the policing operation will mean they cannot demonstrate outside the entrance to Downing Street.

But while the PM hosts Mr Trump, opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn will be gearing up to address demonstrators "in solidarity with those he's attacked in America, around the world and in our own country".

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