Driver escapes miraculously after crashing Mercedes into lorry

Driver has miracle escape after smashing his Mercedes into a stationary lorry at 60mph

  • Driver escapes with just minor injuries after smashing into a lorry
  • Red Mercedes was travelling at 60 mph in a 40 mph zone

A driver has made a miracle escape from his mangled Mercedes after smashing its front end into a lorry at high speed.

The man was travelling at 60mph in a 40mph zone when he crashed his pricey red car into the back of the stationary truck, in Rawtenstall, Lancashire.

Police said officers ‘prepared for the worst’ when they received a call on Friday July 14 saying that a car was ‘trapped under a lorry’.

And shocking pictures show the wrecked vehicle, which was left with its bonnet torn off, a broken windscreen and heavily crumpled bodywork.

But despite being involved in a serious accident, the driver only suffered ‘minor injuries’ and also passed all ‘impairment tests’ after officers arrived at the scene.

The driver of a smashed up red Mercedes escaped with just minor injuries after crashing into a lorry at high speed

Police rushed to the car trapped under a lorry on July 14, where its bonnet was ripped off and the windscreen smashed

The driver was travelling at 60mph while in a 40mph zone

Police said the lorry driver had been sleeping in his cab at the time of the accident while adding the Mercedes owner had been reported for several driving offences.

A spokesperson from Lancashire Police said: ‘As a responder, when you hear ‘car trapped under a lorry’, you prepare yourself for the worst.

‘This lorry was parked up in Rawtenstall with the driver soundly asleep in his cab when the Mercedes collided with the rear of it, becoming trapped underneath the tail mounted forklift.

‘Incredibly, the Mercedes driver suffered relatively minor injuries despite travelling at around 60mph (in a 40mph limit) when the collision occurred. He also passed all impairment tests.

‘The Mercedes driver has been reported to court for driving without due care and attention, driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence and driving without insurance.’

Social media users who saw the photos said they were stunned the driver had walked away from the horror crash.

One wrote: ‘He is one very lucky person that he is not pushing up daisies.’

Another simply said: ‘Very very lucky’

A third added: ‘Wowzers- lucky to come out of that unscathed.’

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