Drunk woman on flight claimed she wasn't served because 'she's white'

Moment drunk woman is escorted off a plane after claiming she wasn’t served on her flight because ‘she’s white’

  • A female passenger made racial remarks at a flight attendant on a JetBlue flight
  • She continued to make comments while sitting her seat 
  • The woman willingly left the plane with another airline employee

A female passenger on a recent JetBlue flight was escorted off the flight after berating flight staff and making racial remarks.

Passenger and TikTok user known as @djlexxus posted two videos on Sunday of the woman who appeared to be intoxicated angrily accusing a flight attendant of not serving her alcoholic drinks because she’s white.

She stated: ‘You never served me any alcohol – But you served the black people, and that’s fine.’

The second TikTok video posted just five hours after the first shows the same female flier being escorted off the flight by another JetBlue employee.

Passengers throughout the plane began cheering and laughing while watching the woman being escorted off.

A female passenger appearing to be intoxicated on a JetBlue flight argued with a flight attendant and accused her of not serving her drinks because she’s white in the first of two TikTok videos

The woman was escorted off the flight by another JetBlue employee, which led the passengers in their seats to applaud the outcome while she walked down the aisle

@JetBlue_Airlines #walkofshame #part2

The JetBlue flight attendant who fought with the passenger requested she sit down after saying she was, ‘disturbing the passengers.’ 

The employee also refused to serve her alcohol, provoking the passenger even further.

The flier followed her demands, but continued to blurt out racial remarks from her seat.

The passenger said: ‘I’m white, and you don’t like white people. Black life matters, white life matters – it’s all peace and love.’

After she made the statements, she sat quietly in her seat and made three requests for a flight attendant.

A different flight attendant approached her, and the passenger then requested a water before putting a baseball cap on. 

The airline employee who approached her during the second video did so with ease, and she went with him without any hesitation and handcuffs.

The video taker requested that everyone clap during the video, and said: ‘You get escorted by a black person, all that s*** you talking.’ 

JetBlue Airways was founded in 1998, and currently operates over 1,000 flights everyday worldwide 

People on TikTok have been commenting on the first video – many discussing the women’s prior mindset before the flight took off

The first video received the most views in less than 24 hours, and several TikTok users made remarks about her sobriety.

One person said: “She was lit when she got on the plane.”

Another person said: ‘Airport bars need a drink minimum..those people get drunk before boarding the plane.’

There was also a debate about the scenario, and whether or not it was a real or fake situation.

The first commenter said: ‘Omg No Fly List Forever.’

One person chimed in and stated: ‘It’s a fake scenario with actors lol.’

Following a comment that someone referred to as a, ‘nice comeback,’ another user said: ‘i know why you’re saying this but this one is actually real.’

Daily Mail has reached out to JetBlue Airways for comment on the matter. 

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