Elephant calf uses muddy rainforest floor as a makeshift Slip N' Slide

Jumbo fun! Baby elephant slides down muddy slope in a Chinese rainforest in adorable footage

  • Elephant calf caught on camera in Xishuangbanna Wild Elephant Valley, Yunnan
  • Yishuang hilariously used the Chinese rain forest’s floor as makeshift slip n’ slide
  • Frolicking three-year-old is the fifth calf to be born at the park’s breeding centre  

This is the adorable moment a baby elephant slides down a muddy slope on its knees in a Chinese rainforest.

The frolicking elephant calf was filmed at the Xishuangbanna Wild Elephant Valley in the southern Chinese province of Yunnan.

In the short clip, the Asian elephant calf, named Yishuang, uses the rainforest floor as a makeshift ‘Slip N’ Slide’ and whizzes downwards at some speed.

The young calf is the fifth elephant to be born at the park’s breeding centre within the approximate 900acre valley that’s home to hundreds of the giant mammals.

Yishuang, who is now three years old, was filmed enjoying itself on the muddy slope in the rainforest.

In the 16-second footage, the baby elephant is seen kneeling on the muddy hillside before allowing its bulky weight to slide along the ground to the bottom.   

Three-year-old Asian elephant calf, named Yishuang, uses the rain forest floor as a make shift ‘Slip N’ Slide’ at the Xishuangbanna Wild Elephant Valley, China

The young elephant has been compared to ‘a naughty preschooler’ by trainers 

The incident was filmed while staff took the calf out for field training.

A park spokesperson said Yishuang was born on December 22, 2017 and is developing well after becoming the fifth calf born at their breeding centre.

In 1992, China adopted a wild elephant protection law to crack down on elephant trafficking and hunting 

According to the spokesperson, elephants generally live for between 60 and 70 years, and young Yishuang is currently like a naughty preschooler. 

Newborn elephant calves can weigh anywhere between 560 and 840lbs, while after a year they can balloon to upwards of 1,400lbs.

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