Embarrassing moment cyclist faceplants into the back of a car

All the gear and no idea! Embarrassing moment cyclist rides into the back of a car and faceplants on the window

  • Cyclist was busy looking down at his feet while riding his bike in west London
  • Distracted trying to clip his feet in the pedals and didn’t see the traffic stopping 
  • Faceplants into the back of the car in Chelsea right in front of rear the dashcam 

A cyclist’s collision with a stationary car was captured in embarrassing close-up by the vehicle’s rear dashcam.

The footage, filmed in west London on Sunday, shows the cyclist, fully kitted out in Lycra cycling kit, looking down at his pedals as freewheels into the car.

He faceplants on the rear window right in front of the camera before falling sideways and quickly jumping back onto his bike.

A cyclist came to crashing halt into the back of a stationary car after getting distracted by his pedals in Chelsea, London, on Saturday

Rear dashcam footage showed the cyclist struggling to get his feet into the clips on his pedals before he faceplanting straight into the rear windscreen

The man, who was joined on his trip in Chelsea by another cyclist, can be seen looking down at his feet as he tries to click them into the pedals of the road bike.

He freewheels along the road as the traffic begins to move but does not realise the car in front has stopped. 

His friend tries to warn him but he realises too late and the cyclist slams straight into the back of the car right, in perfect view of the camera. 

He falls sideways off his bike but quickly gets back on.     

The cyclist’s friend had tried to warn him that he was about to slam into the car but it was too late and smashed into the back of it, in perfect view of the camera

The filmer, whose name is not known, said: ‘Whilst driving through London a cyclist pays too much attention to clipping his feet in rather than the road ahead.

‘Result; he freewheels into the back of my car, amusingly face planting my rear window, just to the left of my camera.

‘He wasn’t hurt, except his pride, and my car wasn’t damaged, though it fits have some amusing face and handprints in the road muck.’

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