EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: King is taking it easy to stop fingers swelling up

EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: King Charles is taking it easy to stop his fingers swelling up, as there are fears the Coronation Ring may not fit

The King is taking it easy ahead of his Coronation, says a source. ‘His fingers can swell quite badly, especially if he travels or does too much, and officials don’t want any problems when the Archbishop of Canterbury has to place the Coronation Ring on the fourth finger of his right hand.’ Archbishop Welby might consider having some butter on standby, just in case.

Officials don’t want any problems when the Archbishop of Canterbury has to place the Coronation Ring on the fourth finger of his right hand (Pictured: The King with Vicar at Church in Gloucestershire)

First it was Liz Truss, then New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern, and last week Finland’s Sanna Marin. France’s premier Elisabeth Borne could be the next female PM to be sacked, says a Paris source. Even so, she has still beaten France’s first female PM, Edith Cresson, who lasted just ten months and 17 days, from 1991 to 1992. Madame Borne remains in place after making it to ten months and 18 days this week. Madame Cresson is otherwise fondly remembered for stating that a quarter of Englishmen are homosexuals.

Donald Trump, whose fans have donated £4million to his re-election campaign since his indictment, once claimed: ‘There’s no bad Press unless you’re a paedophile.’ And as broadcaster Andrew Neil points out: ‘Trump would not be the first to run for president from prison. Socialist contender Eugene Debs ran from Atlanta federal penitentiary in 1920, jailed for speaking out against draft during World War I.’

Always willing to disclose personal matters, likeable Australian writer and self publicist Kathy Lette, pictured, says: ‘I was running up the escalator at Piccadilly Circus when a gust of wind lifted my skirt sky-high. Luckily my girlfriend was right behind me. “I can’t believe you still wear G-strings,” she scolded, advising me quite sternly that it was time for more sturdy nana knickers.’ Ms Lette is 64.

With Wimbledon looming, courtiers are fretting about the event’s patron, the Princess of Wales, being forced to present trophies to Russian and Belarusian players. I am advised: ‘If an inconvenient player wins a trophy Kate could delegate a Wimbledon official to do the honours but that would create a scene. It’s more likely she would have a convenient headache and watch the match on TV.’

Frances Barber (pictured) quit the Labour party over Jeremy Corbyn

Actress and one-time proud Labour supporter Frances Barber, who quit the party over Jeremy Corbyn, despairs of Sir Keir’s awkward stance on trans folk, fuming: ‘Keir Starmer thinks a small percentage of women have penises. Oh honestly, why are these pathetic cowards in positions of authority.’ Sir Keir may have to find a more plausible position to avoid discouraging women voters in the coming general election.

Apropos the trans debate, New Zealand PM Chris Hipkins says: ‘In terms of gender identity, I think people define their gender identity for themselves.’ Prompting J K Rowling to tweet: ‘In the interests of balance, someone should now ask women how they define Chris Hipkins’. Who smarmingly responds: ‘I will still read Harry Potter to my kids.’

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