Eric Adams says Republican Curtis Sliwa is a one-trick pony

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Eric Adams said Thursday that Republican Curtis Sliwa — his general election opponent if the Democratic Brooklyn borough president’s first-round primary lead holds — is a one-trick pony who only knows how to troll train cars for troublemakers.

“[Sliwa is] well aware of my advocacy for groups like his, but we need to do more than be safe. He cannot ride to City Hall based on just that he patrolled the subway system,” Adams said on NY1 Thursday morning.

Adams said that while he appreciates the red beret-wearing, cat-rescuing Guardian Angels founder’s work, New York City needs someone in Gracie Mansion who can help the economy recover and reduce inequities.

“We have to grow our economy, we need to deal with our educational system, we need to have a real health care system,” the former NYPD captain and state senator said. “I just believe — and many New Yorkers also shared this thought — that this is the right time for my type of leadership, to really cycle out of COVID-19 and finally in the inequalities in the city.

“That is something that Curtis is not aware of how to do.”

Sliwa won his Republican primary against Fernando Mateo on Tuesday with 68.8 percent of the first-choice votes, while Adams holds a 10-point lead as the ranked-choice election heads to the subsequent rounds.

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