Facebook and Instagram 'down' – Fans fume as social media sites suffer issues for several hours

BOTH Facebook and Instagram were offline on Thursday as users saw a "couldn't refresh feed" prompt as they tried to see new posts.

Thousands of social media users across the world reported not being able to access their accounts.

According to DownDetector.com, both Instagram and Facebook were reported offline at 1.49pm.

One user who went on Twitter to see if there was actually an outage tweeted: "lol every time instagram goes down, the first thing ppl do is go straight to twitter to confirm it's down."

At 2.20 pm, more than 17,600 people reported an outage on Facebook.

Over 73,460 Instagram users reported that social media was offline at the same time.

As of 3pm ET, both websites were back online – but Facebook hasn't explained why the massive social media platform was out.

Facebook, created and operated by Mark Zuckerberg, boasts 2.7billion active monthly users.

The company owns Instagram, which reportedly has more than 1billion active monthly users.

This week, celebrities ranging from Kim Kardashian, to Leonardo DiCaprio, to Katy Perry, and Sacha Baron Cohen all joined an Instagram "freeze."

They said they were staying offline for 24 hours to protest against what they said is Facebook’s failure to confront hateful content and election misinformation.

Facebook, which earned nearly $70billion in advertising revenue in 2019, is facing a reckoning over what critics call poor excuses for amplifying divisions, hate, and misinformation on their platforms.

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