Fast food fan, 31, transforms home into a McDonald's shrine with stained glass window of Ronald and huge golden arches

A MCDONALD'S enthusiast has converted her house into a shrine dedicated to her favorite fast food chain.

Taylor Gecking's love of all things Mickey D's goes beyond enjoying the occasional happy meal–she has transformed her home into a McDonald's-themed paradise, complete with a Ronald McDonald stained glass window.

"Counting all the individual happy meal toys, I’d guess I have over 90 items," Taylor told Metro UK.

"Our whole home is full of things that are a little unusual to decorate with, but my husband and I both believe in surrounding ourselves with things that make us happy."

Other décor seen inside Taylor's Richmond, Virginia home includes toys collected over the years, red and yellow wallpaper, and the classic golden arches.

"I definitely get a rush of excitement when I see a vintage McDonald’s item in the wild," she said of her ongoing collection.

The oldest and perhaps most prized item in Taylor's impressive collection are the arches, which date back to the 70's and now hang at the top of Taylor's stairs.

"The biggest rush I’ve had was finding the hamburger spring toy. It was amongst hundreds of items on a local online estate auction."

Taylor, 31, developed her fixation with the chain at a young age.

"I visited the play place back when they still used the McDonaldland characters, Ronald, Grimace, Hamburgular etc."

A happy meal next to the ball pit "made a mundane lunch something to look forward to," she gushed.

Her impressive collection of over 100 memorabilia items started when she encountered the iconic Ronald McDonald stained glass window at a flea market.

She describes how she felt "inextricably drawn to it," but walked away from the piece twice because of the price tag.

Taylor's husband Adam decided to bring home the window as a surprise gift.

"My husband could see how sad it made me and the next day while I was at work, he drove the eight hours roundtrip to West Virginia, so that it was waiting for me when I got home."

While Adam's veganism prevents him from sharing his wife's enthusiasm for the hamburger chain, he knows how happy it makes Taylor.

"He didn’t flinch when I told him I was painting our whole stairwell McDonald’s red with McDonald’s yellow trim. We love that our home reflects us."

Taylor is far from finished with her collection, and has continued to expand it during the pandemic.

"I actually finished my McDonald’s wall during the pandemic, so no one else has seen it in person yet."

She may have to save up for the decorations highest on her wish list.

"One day I hope to add a Ronald McDonald sitting on a bench, but so far it’s been out of the budget. A girl can dream," she added.

"No matter what items I add to the collection, my Ronald McDonald window will always be my favorite, but I did feel a really childish excitement when we hung the giant sign on the wall."

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