Great Dane slides UNDER cling film barrier instead of stepping over it

Invisibly confused! Hilarious moment leggy Great Dane decides to slide UNDER cling film barrier even after his owner lowers it

  • Zeus, a three-year-old Great Dane, fell victim to Tik Tok’s Invisible Challenge 
  • Owner Jewel Newport, 20, blocked off an entrance way with plastic wrap 
  • She jumped over cling film at their home in Alberta, Canada, to show him how 
  • Instead of using his long legs to step over, he opted to slide himself underneath 

A long-legged Great Dane was left stumped when his owner pranked him by placing plastic wrap across a doorway. 

Three-year-old Zeus was confused when his owner was able to simply step over the film and, after avoiding any attempt to lift his leg over it, takes the more cumbersome route – opting to slide underneath it instead. 

Jewel Newport, 20, from Alberta, Canada, shared the clip on Tik Tok as part of the ‘Invisible Challenge’ which sees entrance ways blocked off with cling film to test pet reactions and it has foiled pups across the globe. 

Zeus, a three-year-old Great Dane, fell victim to Tik Tok’s Invisible Challenge at his home in Alberta, Canada, instead opting to slide underneath than simply step over some plastic wrap

The Tik Tok challenge sees owners place cling film across entrance ways to test their dog’s reactions. Zeus (pictured with owner 20-year-old Jewel Newport) decided to go under it instead of use his long legs to step over

In the comical clip, Ms Newport can be seen launching herself over the cling film which is blocking access along the corridor.  

But Zeus does not follow suit, staring at his owner for help to get over the ‘invisible barrier’. 

To help him figure it out, Ms Newport lowers the height of the plastic wrap, to a height which is shorter than the dog’s long legs. 

Instead of stepping over, he inspects the bottom of the wrap, cautiously nudging it a little at a time before sliding himself underneath – looking terrified as his paws slip on the wooden floors.

To show Zeus how it is done, Ms Newport first jumped over the plastic wrap barrier and even stepped across it after lowering it for the pup – who watched closely but refused to do the same

Ms Newport said: ‘I have seen this challenge on TikTok before, as Zeus is capable of simply stepping over the plastic wrap, even if he doesn’t know it I thought it would be an interesting challenge for him.

‘I never thought he’d try to slide under. I’ve since challenged him with other products such as tin foil and he once again slid under.’

Zeus’s invisible challenge, which was captured in February and shared on Jewel’s Tik Tok profile, has received close to three million likes.  

Refusing to step over, Zeus opted to slide under the barrier – much to Ms Newport’s surprise – and his efforts have received close to three million likes on Tik Tok

One viewer commented: ‘Secret: All big dogs think they are small and all small dogs think they are big.’

‘Actual footage of me choosing the hard path in life every single time for no reason,’ another said. 

Another added: ‘I love how in the time he spent trying to go under, he could have been over and back ten times.’ 

Ms Newport is a Great Dane breeder and has had Zeus since he was nine weeks old. She also owns his 11-month-old son Apollo. 

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