Heartbreaking moment dog cries for help as she is stolen is revealed

Heartbreaking moment family’s beloved cocker spaniel cries for help as she is stolen by dognappers is revealed in harrowing audio clip

  • Seven-year-old cocker spaniel Bell was stolen from a house in County Durham
  • Owner Georgia Metcalfe has said the family are ‘devastated’ their dog has gone
  • Bell can be heard crying for almost 30 seconds as she is taken from her kennel

The harrowing moment a family’s dog cries out for help as she is stolen has been revealed in a heartbreaking audio clip.

Georgia Metcalfe and her two kids have been left devastated after their cocker spaniel Bell was snatched on 6 November. 

The seven-year-old dog was taken from a secure kennel in the garden of Ms Metcalfe’s mother-in-law’s home in the village Evenwood, County Durham.

The two thieves made off with Bell but left their other cocker spaniel, Bentley.

In CCTV footage from that night, Bell can be heard barking at first but then starts desperately crying as she is grabbed and taken away. 

Ms Metcalfe, her partner and her children were traumatised after hearing Bell’s panicked shrieks for nearly 30 seconds on the tape.

The passers-by shown in the video are not believed to be suspects but the mum-of-two has reported the dognapping to police.

She said: ‘I heard a noise outside and a few minutes later I was told Bell had been taken.

Bell, a seven-year-old cocker spaniel, was stolen on 6 November from a secure kennel 

Georgia Metcalfe, 25, who owns the dog, said her family are ‘devastated’ that Bell was snatched

‘We are devastated and the children keep asking where she is.

‘It’s heartbreaking and I’m just hoping they didn’t hurt her, but it’s horrible to listen to the video.’

She added: ‘Whoever did this are just scum, low life thieves who need catching.

‘Bell’s been missing for over two weeks now, but I’m hoping she’s alright.

‘Durham Police say they have searched a few properties and are investigating the theft, but we’ve heard nothing.’

Durham Constabulary has been approached for comment.

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