Horrifying video shows Capitol cop getting crushed by Trump supporters

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Shocking video from the DC riots shows a bloodied police officer screaming for help as he’s crushed by protesters inside the Capitol building.

The young officer, who appears to be a member of the Capitol Police Department, is pinned between a riot shield and metal door.

He is bleeding from the mouth as he cries out in pain and screams “Help!”

The disturbing footage was taken shortly after dozens of frenzied Trump supporters stormed an entrance on the west side of the Capitol building — snatching a police riot shield and using batons to whack the line of riot-gear clad officers as they struggle to push back the crowd.

The video shows police shooting pepper spray at the mob.

The crowd then bands together to push back against the officers’ riot shields while screaming “Heave ho!”

The angry throng of protesters breached multiple points of the Capitol building on Wednesday.


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