I was raped by a monster who filmed the attack but he was caught out by my 'Magaluf 2017' tattoo

A WOMAN who was raped has revealed a monster who filmed the attack was caught because footage showed her 'Magaluf 2017 ' tattoo.

Chenice Seddon, 22, was attacked by Dickson Ngaunde while she was unconscious at a house in Preston, Lancashire.

She woke up with bruises in September, 2019, but had no memory of being raped so was too scared to report it.

Months later, police contacted her to ask if she had two tattoos, including a Magaluf 2017 inking on her lower back.

After Chenice confirmed she did cops told her a vile video had been found on Ngaunde's phone.

Ngaunde, 27, was convicted of rape and jailed for 10 years in May, 2021.


Chenice told Star Online: “Being told I’d been raped completely changed me and changed my whole life.

“It has ruined my relationship with men because my trust has gone completely.

“Even if a guy offers me a drink I fear he will drug me and take me home and rape me.

“I have a fear of men just being dirty predators and that’s really rubbish.

“I don’t know how long it will last, probably until I can start having a life again.

"Being raped made me hate myself afterwards. How could someone take my trust like that?”

Being told I’d been raped completely changed me and changed my whole life.

She had gone to the house of a friend who called himself Max on the night she was attacked by Ngaunde.

Chenice said she "completely blacked out" despite only drinking three vodkas and coke.

The next thing she remembered is waking up in bed with her dress on and "bruises everywhere".

She said: “Straight from the get go I felt weird. I was thinking ‘why can’t I remember anything’?"


A pal said she remembered nothing, too, but overheard Ngaunde and Max talking and said it was rumoured he and Chenice had sex.

Chenice said: “I started thinking what if I did sleep with him and how could I be so stupid?

“I didn’t want to cause any trouble by suggesting rape because that could ruin somebody’s life and I didn’t remember or have proof.”

She approached Ngaunde the next day, but he claimed he couldn't remember if they had had sex.

I confirmed my tattoos and they said they found the video on Dickson’s phone of him raping me unconscious

In January, 2021, police contacted Chenice and said they were building a case against Amos Ocheng and Dickson Ngaunde.

Chenice said: “I asked who Amos was and they said he sometimes called himself Max.

“At that point I was like oh my god… Later I confirmed my tattoos and they said they found the video on Dickson’s phone of him raping me unconscious.

“My heart just sank. I started crying because I knew something had happened but I couldn’t bring it up.”


Chenice was told Ocheng was believed to have raped a 14-year-old girl.

Ocheng, 51, was jailed for 27 years for raping three girls aged between 14 and 19 while Dickson was caged for 10 for raping Chenice.

Following her traumatic ordeal, Chenice sought professional help and was given antidepressants to cope.

Chenice, who is now studying in Liverpool, said: “The amount of women being killed is heartbreaking and I’m just glad my situation didn’t end even worse.

“Reading about women like Sarah Everard who were just walking home makes me so angry.

“Now I’m terrified walking home and I’m always on my guard. I considered Max a friend and if a friend could let that happen to me a stranger wouldn’t think twice."

She added: “I’m not speaking out because I’m brave, it’s because I’m scared.

“I’m scared of it happening to one of my friends or my daughter if I ever have kids."


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