Inmates smuggling 'drugs' into jail as packages thrown over the walls

Footage shows brazen prison inmates smuggling ‘drugs’ into jail as packages are thrown over the walls inside burning socks

  • Inmates smuggled the contraband after it was hurled over the prison walls
  • Footage shows burning socks burn holes in security netting and falls into yard 
  • The scenes are believed to have been filmed at HMP Forest Bank, in Salford 

This is the shocking moment inmates smuggled contraband into a jail after it was hurled over the prison walls inside burning socks.

Footage, which is believed to have been filmed at HMP Forest Bank, in Salford, Greater Manchester, shows several men gathered in the exercise yard as the socks, which are understood to have contained drugs, are thrown into prison grounds.

The flaming socks burn holes in the security netting and fall into the hands of the inmates below as the convict filming the scenes shouts: ‘Go on, the boys. Go on, our lads!’  

A total of three illicit packages were thrown over the prison walls inside the burning socks.  

Several men gather in the exercise yard at HMP Forest Bank, in Salford, as the burning socks are hurled over

Two of the flaming socks stay on the netting for several seconds as the inmates watch 

During the clip, a flaming package, which has been hurled over the prison walls, falls to the floor and is quickly put out and scooped up by the convicts.  

Two other packages continue to burn on top of the net, as the inmates look on anxiously and the person filming the scenes shouts: ‘Come on, burn through c**t’.

After several seconds, the two remaining parcels eventually drop through the hole and are snaffled by the inmates. 

The men then casually walk away and rest against a nearby fence in an effort to look nonchalant.    

It is believed the incident happened at HMP Forest Bank, a Category B men’s prison with a 1,500-capacity, in Salford, Greater Manchester – and the socks are understood to have contained drugs.

The scenes come after three people were arrested for throwing parcels of Class A and Class B over the wall into the exercise yard after they were spotted in a ‘suspicious’ blue Ford Fiesta in December last year.

The bizarre method is thought to have started at HMP Leeds when smugglers put a rock in a sock to weigh it down before setting fire to the fabric and throwing it onto the nets.

A burning sock, which is believed to contain drugs, is thrown onto the security net and eventually burns through

One of the packages falls to the floor and is quickly put out and scooped up by the convicts

The technique sees smugglers on the outside act on the orders of inmates, who inform them about security flaws and what times the guards change shifts.

In 2018, Barrie Meakin, the chairman of the Independent Monitoring Board, who was tasked with reviewing standards at HMP Leeds, told The Times: ‘They put a stone in a sock, light the sock and then throw it over so that it sets the netting on fire.

‘They will try and do it several times so that the hole in the netting gets bigger and bigger and then they can trying and throw contraband into the yard.’

He added: ‘The prisoners are always trying to get drugs into the jail. No matter what idea the prison comes up with to try and stop drugs getting into prisoners look to find another way to get the stuff in.’ 

MailOnline has contacted the Ministry of Justice and Sodexo Justice Services for comment. 

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