Israel vows they are ready to bomb across ‘entire Middle East’ in major warning to Iran and Hezbollah | The Sun

A TOP Israeli general has vowed that Israel will hunt down every last Hamas terrorist.

The chief of Israel's air force, Major General Bar, said they are willing to take the fight "all over the Middle East" in a chilling warning to Iran and its terror proxies.

In a TV address today, Major General Tomer Bar, said: “We are hitting Hamas on the ground and below the ground.

"We have hit thousands of terrorists, and we will reach all of them."

He added: “The Air Force as the strategic arm of the State of Israel is prepared and operates all over the Middle East, in every required arena, anywhere."

Since Israel declared war on Hamas following their bloody October 7 cross-border killing spree, Iran-backed terror groups in Lebanon and Yemen have repeatedly threatened to open up new fronts in the conflict.

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Lebanon's Hezbollah and Yemen's Houthi rebels are part of Iran's self-styled "Axis of Resistance" against Israel and have been striking both Israeli and US targets in "solidarity" with Hamas.

Hezbollah in particular has been pounding Israeli military positions in the country's north with mortar fire and suicide drones, while Israel has retaliated with warplanes, helicopters and missiles.

The border skirmishes have further fuelled fears that the conflict may spiral into an all-out war across the Middle East.

On November 3, Iran's leader Hassan Nasrallah broke his silence to warn Israel against launching any attack on Lebanon.

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He fumed: "If the enemy starts to attack any Lebanon area they would make the hugest, the stupidest mistake.

"I'll say it with all the transparency, on our front, all options are open.

"We must be ready for all options." 

Nasrallah also praised Hamas's October 7 attacks as a "sacred operation" and called the terrorists who took part "martyrs".

Meanwhile on Wednesday, the US military claimed to have shot down a drone sent by Houthi militants that was hurtling its way towards an American warship in the Red Sea.

The USS Thomas Hudner "engaged and shot down the drone to ensure the safety of US personnel. There were no US casualties or any damage to the ship," a statement read.

Mohammed Ali al-Huthi, a senior Houthi leader claimed that the aircraft belonged to them and that it "will reserve the right to respond to the destruction of its drone."

The incident comes after the US Navy shot down multiple missiles and drones last month that it said were fired by the Houthis, who control large swaths of Yemen.

The US has also carried out strikes on sites in Syria that were linked to Iran on three separate occasions in recent weeks.

However, attacks on US bases across the Middle East have continued as Palestinian deaths inside Gaza have provided an impetus for attacks against American troops.

The Hamas-run health ministry says more than 11,500 people have been killed so far in Gaza since Israel's bombardment and ground operations began.

It comes as The Sun spoke to a security researcher close to the Lebanon border that says Hezbollah is plotting to recreate Hamas's brutal massacre in Israel with ten times the firepower.

Sarit Zehavi said: "It [Hezbollah] has the same operational plan as what we've seen on October 7th with Hamas.

"Their mission, once they get the order, is to invade Israeli communities and cities up north where I live and kill Israelis and take them as hostages to become human shields.

"This is according to their plan, that they published."

Iran's most formidable ally has a terrifyingly strong military and political grip on Lebanon – and has already fought a devastating war against Israel in 2006 that claimed 1,200 lives.

It is one of the most heavily-armed, non-state groups in the world.

Jerusalem has long seen the Shi'ite Islamist group as a bigger threat than Hamas owing to their far more advanced weaponry, including precision-and long-range missiles.

Hezbollah has an estimated stockpile of 150,000 rockets and an army of 60,000 highly-trained soldiers battle-hardened after their brutal campaign in Syria to help prop up tyrant Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Experts believe it is in possession of hundreds of precision rockets that have ranges of up to 160miles and could strike any part of Israel.

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