I've been trapped in my home for three MONTHS after our lift broke – I'm pregnant & I could go into labour at any moment

A PREGNANT mum has been trapped in her home for three MONTHS after the lift broke – and is terrified she could go into labour at any moment, unable to get out of her home.

Jasmine Johnson, 29, also has a five-year-old disabled daughter who she is forced to carry down four flights of stairs whenever she needs to leave the flat.

She fears her plight could only get worse when she goes into labour in around eight weeks time.

Not only does she fear going giving birth and needing medical help without access to the lift, but she worries should she need an operation, she may also not be able to use the stairs at all for many more weeks, further trapping her in her own home.

She said: "The fear for me now is that if I have to get a C-section like I did with my last pregnancy – I won’t be able to leave the house because I won’t be able to carry anything downstairs.

"At the moment, I can’t call the lift down so I can’t get the wheelchair out.

"I’m expecting in eight weeks so the baby could come at any time. I felt like I’m stuck in my home ever since the lift first broke."

"This has made me really anxious, I could go into labour right now."

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Jasmine, along with another resident, 90-year-old Terry Healey, first asked for help to their local council in West Sussex back in November after the lift had not been fixed for four weeks.

Although it was fixed a few days later, the call button remains broken on the second floor.

As a result of the lift issue as well as other complaints of mould and cramped living conditions, residents from the council-owned flats claim that they were told that their homes were "unsuitable" to live in.

Jasmine was also told she could be offered a new home – but far away from her family and needs, leaving her with "false hope."

"The council said they could give me a management transfer, but this means I could be rehomed in any area and wouldn’t be able to turn it down.

"This is not suitable for me a still have to get my daughter to school, and I need to be near my parents in Shoreham.

"My dad has been in intensive care for a month and is due to come home soon – I can’t just be plopped anywhere because I don’t drive.

"I’ve just been given false hope as they said I would be moved within six months."

A spokesperson for Adur District Council said: "Adur Homes has been in touch with residents living in Grange Court to provide the relevant help and support.

"Residents are not being moved out of their properties but have been advised that their housing needs will be reassessed where appropriate."

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