Killer dad Timothy Jones convicted of murdering all five of his young children

A father faces being executed after he was convicted of murdering all five of his young children.

Timothy Jones, 37, was convicted by a jury Tuesday who unanimously found him guilty of killing his children:  Merah, 8, Elias, 7, Nahtahn, 6, Gabriel, 2, and Elaine, 1, in August 2014 in Lexington, South Carolina.

Jones reportedly showed no reaction as the jury announced its verdict.

The same jury will come back to the courthouse later this week to decide if Jones will get the death penalty or spend the remainder of his life in jail.

Jones had pleaded guilty by reason of insanity, but the jury found him guilty and did not give him leniency for any mental health issues, which would have likely reduced his sentence.

Prosecutors say Jones killed the first child by making him exercise for hours after he broke an electrical outlet in their Lexington home in August 2014. Several hours later, he strangled the other four children.

Numerous witnesses took the stand in the days leading up to Jones’ conviction and recalled his strange, increasingly erratic behavior leading up to the murders.

The drastic decline of Tim Jones –  who went from a seemingly attentive father with a well paid IT job and a nice houe to a physically abusive cultist who lived in squalor – was exactly what his father feared.

‘This is the Tim I was scared I would see one day. I mean, he’s got some relatives, his mother, unfortunately they’re not right, you know…It’s just bad DNA I guess. He’s sick, man, that’s all there is to it,’ Tim Jones Sr said.

Tim Jones Sr later told the court that he thought his son was losing his mind. He summed-up his son’s relationships, religious choices, and the way he disciplined his children as ‘a train wreck.’

A former babysitter, Chrystal Ballentine, who first worked for Jones, then had a sexual relationship with him also testified. She spoke about a fundamentalist church he attended that required women to wear long, modest dresses, and encouraged them to be subservient to men

She said Jones insisted she join him at the church where people ‘spoke in tongues’ and rolled ‘on the floor,’ according to the Greenville News. 

Jones’ father also commented on the church and said: ‘I thought it was a damn cult… The religion thing was off-the-wall weird. I thought it was crazy.’

After the murders, authorities found notes in Jones car that seemed to outline ways to dispose of the evidence that read ‘melt bodies!’ and ‘saw bones to dust or small pieces.’

One of the lists just said: ‘Head to campground…Melt bodies!… Saw & bones to dust or small pieces.’ Another said: ‘1.Fidelity…Day one burn up bodies…Day two burn up bones.’

Jones buried the bodies in a rural hillside near Camden, Alabama after driving around with the children’s bodies in his car for over a week, authorities said.

An officer stopped Jones at at a drunk driving checkpoint and arrested him after the officer observed the horrid smell and maggots in his car.

Both Jones’ lawyers and his ex-wife Amber Jones claimed the killings happened because Timothy Jones was high on synthetic weed – although the jury did not see it that way.

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