Killer who slit cheating boyfriend's throat fails in freedom bid

A woman claimed self-defense after she cut her cheating boyfriend’s throat has failed in her bid for freedom.

The Arizona Court of Appeals upheld Jody Arias’s first-degree murder conviction and life sentence this week. Arias, who is jailed for the 2008 killing of a former boyfriend, tried to appeal the case on the grounds that authorities allowed media coverage to swirl around the case, depriving her of a fair trial.

Her lawyers went on to claim prosecutor Juan Martinez misconducted himself in regards to the trial, but the three-person appeals court unanimously upheld her conviction in a 29-page opinion.

‘We conclude that Arias was convicted based upon the overwhelming evidence of her guilt, not as a result of prosecutorial misconduct,’ the opinion read.

However, the opinion did note ‘an egregious case of misconduct by a highly-experienced prosecutor’ who ‘improperly engaged in self-promoting conduct.’

The court also expressed disapproval over Martinez’s ‘argumentative phrasing of questions’ towards witnesses, which was characterized as having an ‘aggressive tone and combative, bullying behavior.’

Arias now remains convicted of murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander at his home in Pheonix, Arizona. Prosecutors said she attacked Alexander in a jealous fury after she learned he was planning a trip to Mexico with another woman.

Throughout the trial, Arias insisted that she acted in self-defense after Alexander attacked her. But prosecutors noted the severity of the attack that saw Alexander sustain 30 stab wounds including a slit throat, as well a gunshot wound to the head.

Arias was found guilty in 2013. Her lawyers filed for a mistrial six times on the grounds of prosecutorial misconduct, but the trial went on, garnering national and international attention over the violent nature of the case.

Her sentencing trial was deadlocked twice so a judge sentenced her to life in prison in 2015.

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