Kim Jong-un oversaw North Korean’s latest ‘long-range multiple rocket launchers’

Kim Jong-un oversaw the unleash of North Korea's "long-range multiple rocket launchers" today.

It is the first missile launch since 2017 as it steps up pressure against Washington after a failed nuclear summit.

The North also fired a short-range missile from the city of Wonsan around 9am local time (midnight GMT), South Korea's Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement.

The Office said it was conducting joint analysis with the United States.

Now it has emerged Jong-un again masterminded the launch.

He said all his service members are "master gunners" and are capable of carrying out duty to promptly tackle any situation as a result of full knowledge of modern weapon system and intensive training.

The launch is the first since the North fired an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in November 2017, before declaring the building of its nuclear force complete and extending an olive branch to the South and the United States.

The missile firing, coming after the North's test of what it called a tactical weapons system, added to the pressure it has exerted on Washington in talks on ending the North’s nuclear program.

“It also seems clear that North Korea is angry over what appears to be a lack of flexibility in the Trump administration’s position on relieving sanctions, sticking to a policy of 'maximum pressure',” said Harry Kazianis at the Center for the National Interest, a thinktank.

Kim has held two summit meetings with US President Donald Trump, the second in February in Vietnam, but the two failed to make progress on ending the North’s nuclear program due to disagreement on weapons dismantlement and sanctions relief.

It comes as the dictator slashed official food rations to just 300g per person per day in the country.

United Nations said North Korea endured its worst harvest in more than a decade.

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