‘Left-wing shooter Matthew Dolloff was posing ILLEGALLY as security when he killed pro-cop pro

Matthew Dolloff, the man identified as the gunman who killed a pro-cop protester at a Denver rally on Saturday, allegedly posed as a security guard when he fatally shot the man.

The 30-year-old appears to have frequently posted left-wing commentary online of being involved with Antifa, and was reportedly hired by 9News as a security guard to work the protests in Colorado.

Dolloff is being investigated on first degree murder charges after he allegedly shot a man later identified by family as Lee Keltner, during dueling protests in Denver.

Keltner had participated in a "Patriot Muster" rally in front of the Denver Art Museum before he was fatally shot.

Reports claimed he maced counter-protesters from an event billed as a "BLM-Antifa Soup Drive" taking place during the same time as the "Patriot Muster" rally before he was killed.

The news station had reportedly hired the contracted security guard through Pinkerton to accompany staff members at the protest, a practice they said they've been doing "for a number of months" to protect their staff.

But the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses told KCNC on Sunday that they didn't have a record for an active licensed security guard under Dolloff's name.

After the Denver Police Department pinned Dolloff as the suspect, several messages on a Facebook page with his full name and a photo that appears to match his booking photo quickly filled up with hateful messages.

Some users speculated about him having a possible connection to radical left-wing groups.

He appears to be a Bernie Sanders supporter who attended Occupy protests back in 2012.

But police have sought to dispel rumors about Dolloff having any connections to Antifa.

The Denver Police Department said on Saturday that an investigation determined he had "no affiliation" with the leftist political movement.

Older posts on Dolloff's possible Facebook page features photos and articles criticizing President Trump.

Most of his social media postings have to do with farm goods he apparently sold in the Denver area, and he appears to be pictured with dogs and sheep.

In the latest public Facebook post on Dolloff's alleged page, he shared a message mourning the death of progressive political commentator Michael Brooks, who died in July.

"The grief is real, no one better checked my world view more, and his impressions were amazing," he wrote.

"I cant seem to whip away the tears today Michael Brooks was to young [sic] and just getting started #leftisbest #MichaelBrooks I'm going to miss right-wing Mandela … this is hard to accept."

After the news of the alleged killer's arrest broke, a commenter named Curtis Palmer identified himself as a friend of Dolloff and expressed his disbelief.

"I can't believe this !!!! ???," he wrote. "How Dollaf [sic] could kill anyone makes no sense but I did know he was apart of occupy for a long time."

"Hard to know I was good friends with someone who is now a killer," he continued.

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