Leopard mauls Indian construction worker in terrifying attack

Terrifying moment snarling leopard mauls construction worker after attacking three people inside their home in central India

  • The leopard escaped from the  Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary in central India
  • The animal pounced on the construction workers who were on the building site 
  • The animal injured five people including a police officer involved in its capture

This is the moment a leopard mauled a builder after venturing onto a building site.

The big cat had strayed into a residential region today after escaping from a nearby wildlife sanctuary.

Footage captures the moment the leopard pounces on a man wearing a green helmet – while petrified onlookers watch on from higher ground.

This is the moment a construction worker is attacked by a leopard which escaped from the Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary in central India

The man was one of five people who was injured by the wild animal before it was recaptured

Footage after the incident showed one of the men suffered deep lacerations caused by the animal

The big cat can be heard snarling as it grabs the man by the shoulder – who then manages to wrestle the leopard off before running away.

The leopard is left running around the construction site before being trapped in a derelict building.

The construction worker is later seen walking away from the incident – wincing in pain as he holds his bloody shoulder.

The leopard had strayed from the Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary towards the central Indian Madhya Pradesh state on March 11.

One police officer involved in the recapture of the animal was also wounded 

The worker tried unsuccessfully to flee the lightening quick animal 

One of the man’s colleagues filmed the struggle from an upper level of the construction site

Fortunately, none of the men attacked by the wild animal were seriously injured 

The leopard also attacked three people inside a house.

Locals alerted the forest officials, who swung into action and initiated a rescue operation.

The leopard injured five people in total – including a policeman involved in the rescue operation.

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