Lockdown compliance won't last forever – Boris must come up with a plan so the country never grinds to a halt again


HERE we go again – Lockdown Britain Part Two, capping off what has been a dire 2020.

Shutting down the country and decimating the economy is a blunt instrument that even the World Health Organisation has warned governments to avoid unless absolutely necessary.

I reluctantly conceded that was the case in March as we tackled a virus from China that the world knew very little about and our health system hadn’t prepared for.

Eight months ago, we had hardly any PPE, extremely limited testing capacity and no idea how to effectively treat this killer of the elderly and sick called Covid-19.

But a month later, I was calling on the government to provide a roadmap out of lockdown as it became clear members of the public were becoming too terrified to contemplate a return to a pre-Covid world.

Much has changed since those dark days, which is why I feel another national lockdown is an unforgivable folly that will do more harm than good.

What about the patients dying of heart complications at home? What about victims of aggressive cancer who are seeing it taking over their body as chemo and radiotherapy treatments are pushed back? What about the growing number of young people taking their own lives because hope of a rosy future seems to be dissipating by the day?

We owe it to all these folk to keep the country open and learn to live with the virus.

For four more weeks at least, Brits are going to be subject to a virtual house arrest, with our civil liberties and freedoms diminished in ways that were previously unthinkable.

For what? Is there a clear plan to expand the capacity of the NHS and improve testing during November to ensure a pathway out of lockdowns leading into 2021?

Or is this a panic measure because the Doomsday Professor Whitty and his scare mongering sidekick Patrick Vallance have been spooked by the latest set of dodgy predictions?

I note that public polling is generally in support of lockdowns for the moment, but my warning to Boris Johnson and the Cabinet is this: This compliance, largely driven by unnecessarily scary public health campaigns, will not last.

It won’t last when good people see their friends and family left destitute; when they see their businesses shut; and when they see people they love lose their life as a result of lockdown.

That’s why Nigel Farage and Richard Tice are clever to relaunch the Brexit Party as Reform, a new political movement backing The Great Barrington Declaration as a template out of this madness.

By December 2, Boris and the government must have their own plan that guarantees the country will never be locked down again, otherwise too much will be lost.

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