Man arrested with racist manifesto, bullets labeled cop killer amid weapons arsenal

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A California man was busted with a cache of weapons, a racist manifesto and bullets inscribed with phrases like “cop killer” and “first of many,” authorities said.

Wesley Charles Martines, 32, was spotted prowling outside a business in Campbell on July 9. Responding officers stopped his truck, where they found two AR-style rifles, a Glock 9mm handgun and personally inscribed ammunition with sayings like “to a widow, from the Grim Reaper,” according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.

Investigators also discovered body armor, heroin, meth and an inactive pipe bomb filled with pellets inside the truck — as well as a journal with racist and anti-Semitic writings detailing Martines’ plan to disguise himself as an employee at a sporting goods store and tie everyone up, authorities said.

Martines’ writings indicated he wanted to “wipe out the Black, Hispanic and Jewish populations,” according to prosecutors.

“Once again, law enforcement saved lives before the blood and tears flowed,” District Attorney Jeff Rosen said.

Campbell police Capt. Ian White told the East Bay Times Thursday investigators believe they “prevented a tragic incident” by arresting Martines, who remains held on $300,000 bail.

“There’s a lot of evidence to unpack still, but based on what we have seen thus far and what was recovered in the car, we believe that this person was going to commit some sort of violence against the community,” White told the newspaper.

Martines, whose white Ford F-250 pickup matched a 911 caller’s description, denied any suspicious activity when stopped by cops after allegedly peering into a vehicle at a car lot and peeking inside a storage shed.

He insisted he “just wanted to look at the price of one of the cars on the lot,” according to a police report.

Martines, of Los Gatos, was calm during a subsequent interview with police, claiming he found the pipe bomb in scrap metal at a friend’s house. The device was later deemed to be inert, authorities said.

The two illegal AR-style rifles in Martines’ truck were each outfitted with a silencer or a suppressor. He also had throwing knives and loaded rifle magazines in the pockets of his body armor, including some that were illegal high-capacity clips, the East Bay Times reported.

In addition to “cop killer,” some of the rounds found in Martines’ truck were inscribed with phrases like “first of many,” “a good start” and “heard around the world,” authorities said.

“We hope to find out more information about the motive and reasoning behind why this person was carrying this arsenal around,” White told the newspaper.

White also praised the alert owner of Revv Auto Sales for spotting Martines and notifying cops.

“Great reporting by a witness, and a really head’s up spot by our officers,” White told CBS San Francisco. “Lives were saved. Inevitably, lives were saved.”

Owner Farukh Mamedov said Martines lifted up the cover of a car before he “just started prowling” around the lot.

“Good thing I was up, I was able to call it in,” Mamedov told the station. “Think we prevented a tragedy from happening.”

Martines, who was arraigned Tuesday on seven felonies, refused a request for comment from jail Thursday, the East Bay Times reported. He’s due back in court on July 21. If convicted, he reportedly faces more than five years in prison.

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