Massive great white shark ‘stalks’ kids playing in sea just feet from shore

Incredible footage shows a great white shark swim just feet away from a group of unsuspecting children.

The drone clip captures the predator stalking the shore near the kids of the popular beach.

Its dark outline can be seen in the water at Tuncurry Beach in Forster, New South Wales, Australia.

The shark gets closer and closer to the three kids, before eventually swimming off and out of harm's way.

But the media professional who shared the footage on YouTube wrote: "Some say hunting is hard, but for this white shark, it's child's prey."

The creature moves down the beach towards a breakwater after the close encounter.

People on the shore spot it but the shark eventually makes its way back out to sea.

The Rogue Droner posted the video online, where stunned viewers left comments.

"This is pretty eye opening to how close sharks can get," wrote one user.

"I was on the edge of my seat at first. Great aerial footage," another added.

Others shared their shock.

One man wrote: "Your footage is just awesome."

And another posted: "He was just having some fun."

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