Maxine Waters blasted by The View’s Meghan McCain and Sara Haines for fueling riots

THE VIEW'S Meghan McCain and Sara Haines blasted Congresswoman Maxine Waters on Monday for "stoking the flames" amid the Derek Chauvin murder trial.

Waters is facing calls to be expelled from Congress for "inciting" a riot after telling protesters to "get active" if the ex-cop is acquitted in the death of George Floyd.

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Speaking to the media on Saturday, Waters had said that if Chauvin was found not guilty for murdering Floyd, "We've got to stay on the street and we've got to get more active, we've got to get more confrontational. We've got to make sure that they know that we mean business."

During Monday's episode of The View, the show's panel were asked whether Waters comments had gone too far.

"I don’t like the rhetoric at all," Haines said, claiming that she had "confidence they'll come back with a guilty verdict."

"I don’t think elected leaders should be stocking the flames," she added.

"We should not be stoking confrontation on the streets."

"I think we should toning down the rhetoric," McCain agreed.

"I believe in protesting but the second it becomes violent you lose a lot of people."

The pair were pushed back on their comments by fellow host Whoopi Goldberg who repeated a transcript of Waters' comments.

She claimed she wanted to make sure they understood what the congresswoman said.

However, she also voiced her opposition to violence and looting.

 "I think people should get fired up when they see things that are wrong," Goldberg said.

 "You don’t need to burn things down … they didn’t need to burn and loot, they just needed to be there," she added of previous protests.

Leading the charge against Waters is GOP Rep. and Q-Anon conspiracy theorist Marjory Taylor Greene, who released a statement on Sunday blasting her "continual incitement of violence."

Taylor Green insisted Waters had committed an "abuse of power" and "must be expelled from Congress!"

The conservative firebrand was not the only Republican to take issue with Waters' remarks.

In a tweet, Rep. Andy Briggs, of Arizona, wrote: "The Radical Left don’t care if your towns are burning, if there’s violence in your streets, or if the police are too defunded to defend their communities. As long as the Left appeases their anti-America base, their job is done."

In an interview with Fox News, National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Mike Berg said Waters' actions were "irresponsible."

"Telling rioters who have burned buildings, looted stores, and assaulted journalists to get 'more confrontational' is incredibly irresponsible. Every House Democrat should condemn Maxine Waters' call for violence," he said.

City officials are waiting with bated breath for a verdict in the trial of Chauvin to come back, which could be returned as early as the end of this week.

The jury has now been sent to deliberate after closing statements on Monday.

Judge Peter Cahill on Monday condemned lawmakers who have spoken out on the case, including Waters.

Over the weekend, Minneapolis became a military fortress with over 3,000 National Guard troops drafted into the city, and shops and business bordered up.

All schools in the city have also been moved to remote learning from Wednesday in anticipation of any violence.

Chauvin is facing charges of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and third-degree manslaughter.

All three of the charges are separate, meaning he could be found guilty of all, some, or none of them.

During closing remarks on Monday, prosecutor Steve Schleicher said of Chauvin: "He knew better, he just didn't do better."

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