Mayim Bialik Shares the Challenges of Hosting 'Jeopardy!' (Exclusive)

Mayim Bialik is finding her Jeopardy! groove! “You know, sometimes I’ll say things and I’ll be like, ‘How did that come out of my mouth and why?' but that’s sort of me in life in general,” the 46-year-old told ET during the Fox Upfronts on Tuesday.

“So, I take it everywhere I go. I'm definitely becoming more comfortable,” she added.

Bialik, who has been hosting the game show since 2021, has finally found the trick to overcoming any challenges that come with the gig.

“As I become the rhythm of the person talking in my ear, it becomes a little bit easier,” she said about delivering the questions. “But, you know, on any given day it's a lot of words coming out of one mouth and of course it's edits and pickups and all those things.”

She added, “But it’s a lot of energy to expend 'cause you want every contestant to feel as excited and special.”

Bialik is also feeling comfortable as the star of Call Me Kat, which has been picked up by Fox for a third season. The actress, who plays the show’s title role, shared that there is so much possibility for the upcoming season when it finally goes into production.

“I mean, honestly, we left on a cliffhanger and it's exciting because we really left it open in terms of, like, a lot can happen,” she said. “We are very excited to be a multi-cam [show] that gets to keep creating. We know that we are very rare and we're just very excited we have a cast that really likes each other. And we love playing together. We're super excited. It sounds nuts, but we have so much fun playing together and it's a real blessing to be able to create something different every week.”

Call me Kat’s cast includes Leslie Jordan, Kyla Pratt, Cheyenne Jackson and Swoosie Kurtz, and Bialik said they all make her time on the show the best experience.

“I have to say, you know, every member of our cast, there's something so exceptional about them,” she said. “I texted each of them yesterday because each of them brings something so specific and special.”


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