Mississippi family outraged after finding WRONG person in casket

Family is left outraged after turning up to Mississippi wake to find the WRONG person in the casket wearing the clothes and jewelry they bought for their loved one – as ‘rude and uncaring’ staff demanded more MONEY to correct the mistake

  • The family arrived at the funeral only to find the wrong person in the casket 
  • They say the funeral director was then ‘uncaring and rude’ with them when they, in shock, pointed out the mistake 
  • Things were eventually sorted, but the grieving family has been left reeling from the ordeal 

A family in Georgia were shocked and upset when they showed up to a relative’s open casket funeral only to find the wrong person on display.

Georgia Robinson, the sister of Mary Jean Robinson – who passed away recently in Jackson, Mississippi – said she could tell something was off from the moment she stepped foot into the room where the wake was being held.

‘Once we got in there and signed the books and everything, we were walking down to view her body, and I knew something was kind of off,’ Georgia told the local Fox station.

‘I could tell that it wasn’t her from far back. I didn’t know who was in the casket.’

Robinson passed away at the age of 68 in late October. 

Mary Jean Robinson died at 68 late last month. Her family very nearly buried someone who was not her, a mistake that was caught at what was meant to be her funeral

The family said that even after the mixup was pointed out, the Peoples Funeral Home directors were rude and unapologetic about the devastating situation

The horrified family didn’t find Mary Jean at her own funeral, but they did find a stranger wearing the clothing and jewelry they had specifically chosen for their loved one to be buried in.

Georgia said she told the funeral director that the person being presented was not, in fact, the correct individual – though the outfit, accessories, flowers, and casket were the right ones.

In a moment of shock that took place on a day already reserved for sorrow, Georgia said the employees of the Peoples Funeral Home were unapologetic and rude to her family.

‘We’re telling him (the funeral home director) about the mistake, and he was very rude and very uncaring,’ said Georgia.

‘He had an attitude with my son. He told us that we were going to have to pay for everything all over again.’

Eventually, she said, the funeral home met some of the family’s demands. They purchased new clothes for Mary Jean, but never wound up placing her in the right casket.

‘I told him not to put anything on my sister that was on that lady,’ she said, referring to the woman who ended up in her sister’s casket.

‘He put the earrings on her anyway.’

The woman still mourning the loss of her sister said the entire ordeal has impacted her emotionally.

Georgia said she feels extremely dismayed that her family easily could have wound up burying the wrong person

‘I feel terrible,’ she said. ‘Just to think, if we had a closed casket, we would have ended up burying someone else’s loved one instead of ours.’

Responding to an inquiry from the local outlet, James Stewart – one of the funeral directors – would neither confirm nor deny that any mix-up had occurred.

He said, however, that the Robinson clan told the company they were pleased with their services. 

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