Mom, 25, said ‘don’t judge me’ and ‘only God can judge’ before ‘walking down the street completely naked’ – The Sun

A YOUNG mother was arrested after walking completely naked down the main street of her home town after posting 'stop judging me'.

25-year-old Aysia Nicole Faircloth was stone cold sober when officers picked her up on West Main Street in Dothan, Alabama, police say.

In a video of the incident she is filmed telling the person filming that she wrote all over herself.

She then takes off her red top and walks down the street in the buff.

Statuses posted by Faircloth during a bizarre Facebook rant sent out before her naked wander read: "Stop judging me and look at your own mistakes."

The other read: "I don’t judge people. Only God can do that. So stop judging me."

Another read: "I don't want anyone else's man. I'm not in competition. I'm not competing to go somewhere. Whoever wins dies is the stupid thing I've ever heard. I didn't win anything. I think everybody should go.

"Tired of people saying thank you and I'm not doing nothing for anyone. I can't cause I have to live my own life too."


Faircloth's alleged scandalous stroll was spotted by a shocked local, who called it in.

Dothan Police Department spokesman, Lieutenant Scott Owens, said: "Officers responded to the 2300 block of West Main Street where they witnessed Faircloth walking with no clothing on.

"As the officer approached Faircloth, she attempted to put on a shirt and shorts."

Faircloth was booked on a misdemeanor charge, with police discovering she was not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol during her naked stroll.

A comment on Reddit, where the video was posted, said: "This s*** is kind of sad. I remember her from 10 years ago and she was nothing like this. Sweet girl who was excited to be a mom and figuring things out for her life."

Faircloth has been released on bond.

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