Moment cabin crew are caught posing for selfies on an aircraft wing

Moment air hostesses are caught on camera posing for selfies as they dance on wing of Boeing 777 in Argentina

  • Swiss International Air Lines bosses called the incident ‘life-threatening’

An airline crew are facing an investigation from infuriated bosses after they were caught taking selfies on the wing of an aircraft.

Flight attendants for Swiss International Air Lines were caught on video by a shocked passenger watching them from the terminal posing for photos on the wing of a Boeing 777.

A female flight attendant can be seen apparently dancing and gesturing for a photoshoot, having left the aircraft by an overwing emergency exit.

Bewildered ground crew were seen watching on as the woman was then joined by a male crew member who posed for a joint picture.

Swiss Air Lines said it was investigating what it called a potentially ‘life-threatening’ incident, which took place on a plane in Buenos Aires, Argentina due to return to Zurich via Sao Paulo, Brazil.

A female flight attendant was caught on camera posing for a photo on the wing of a Swiss International Air Lines Boeing 777

Airline bosses were furious at the behaviour of cabin crew caught dancing and taking selfies on the wing of an aircraft

She was soon joined by a male colleague who left the plane via an emergency exit door

Another man, who is believed to be a senior crew member, was also caught making body building poses.

A Boeing 777 wing is around five metres from the ground and can be covered with ice even after having landed in hot climates, due to the negative temperatures at high altitudes.

A chief of cabin crew on the flight, flabbergasted by his colleagues’ actions, said: ‘I thought, What the F***? Is that real?’

Michael Pelzer, a spokesperson for the Swiss flag-carrier said: ‘Safety is our top priority – this applies not only to our passengers but also to our employees. 

‘What looks like fun in the video is actually life-threatening. The wings of a Boeing 777 are at a height of about five metres. 

‘Moreover, after landing, even in high temperatures, the wings may be covered with ice. A fall from this height onto the hard surface can be devastating.’

He added: ‘The behaviour of the employees in the video does not comply with our safety regulations, nor does it reflect the high professionalism of our employees. 

‘We cannot condone this and have been in contact with the crew members concerned.

‘Stepping on the wings is not permitted for crew members – except in an emergency. This is reserved for our technical staff who are trained for such purposes and do so only with the prescribed safety measures, such as securing themselves with a rope.’

Swiss Air Lines bosses condemned the ‘life-threatening’ behaviour, fooling around on a wing five metres above the ground

Martin Knuchel, vice-president and head of cabin crew at Swiss International Air Lines criticised his staff’s behaviour in a video, but said the company wouldn’t just jump to sack the crew members involved.

He said: ‘Hey guys, I’ll be honest. I’m angry and disappointed.

‘What if the passengers no longer trust us when they see this video? This has to stop, there must be no more videos likes this.

‘The case will be dealt internally as a disciplinary matter. But to counteract the first rumours, we won’t just fire someone.’

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