Mother reveals hilarious 'mom fail' as son, 5, brings home school pics with 'I DON'T WANT THIS' written on bottom

A MOTHER has revealed how her self-described "mom fail" resulted in her five-year-old son coming home with a cheeky set of school photos that have since gone viral on social media.

In a Facebook post shared on Tuesday, Texas mom Brittany Kinley described how she was shocked to see that her son Mason's kindergarten photos included a hilarious phrase on the bottom.

Young Mason is shown flashing a smile – but beneath his grinning face, the phrase "I don't want this" is written in capital letters.

"I’m sure everyone needs a good laugh these days so thanks to my latest mom fail…Mason got his kindergarten pictures and I didn’t want his name on the bottom so I typed in “I don’t want this” and they freaking printed this," the 33-year-old mom explained in her post.

"So now I have like 30 pictures of him with this on the bottom #idowantthis #if2020wasaschoolphoto #sorryMase."

Kinley told POPSUGAR that she was frustrated that the program wouldn't let her continue to the next page without filling something in, so she jokingly wrote the first phrase that came to mind.

"The program wouldn't let me continue to the next page without filling it in so I wrote, 'I don't want this' thinking they just wouldn't include it. They ended up printing it on the front instead," she said.

To make things worse, she was so excited that she initially didn't notice the mistake when Mason's photos first arrived in the mail.

Mason's grandparents, her in-laws, were the ones whobrought up the boo-boo.

"At first, I was so excited they came in that I opened it and didn't even notice," she said.

"Later that day, my in-laws were over and I went to give my mother-in-law one and we all saw it."

She continued: "In the beginning I was upset because it's Mason's first official school photo, but then we all started laughing hysterically and it hasn't stopped since."

Kinley's post has since gone viral, amassing more than 33,000 shares and more than 5,200 comments, many of them from parents who also find the flub funny.

According to Kinley, Mason now feels like something of a celebrity at school.

"He’ll occasionally ask how many more people is he making laugh," Kinley told the Today Show, adding that "his teachers gave him a round of applause and yelled, 'I do want this!' during drop off!’"

"I think 2020 has been such a hard year for everyone and people need some positivity and a good laugh," she said.

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