Mother 'stabbed her two-year-old daughter to death then ATE her liver'

Mother ‘stabbed her two-year-old daughter to death while reciting the alphabet then ATE her liver’

  • Olivia Naserian is accused of killing her daughter Glory Njeri at their home
  • Witnesses say they saw the mother stab the girl before eating her innards
  • WARNING: Contains distressing content

A mother has been accused of stabbing her two-year-old daughter to death before eating her liver, in a gruesome case that has shocked Kenya.

Olivia Naserian, 24, appeared in court today charged with killing young Glory Njeri before cutting open her body and eating parts of her organs.

Neighbours who witnessed the horrific attack through a window say they saw the crazed mother stab her daughter several times while singing hymns and reciting the alphabet, according to local reports.

The locals of the residential estate quickly alerted the authorities with police arriving to arrest the woman on suspicion of murder.

Naserian appeared in a Kajiado court on Wednesday, where she was ordered by the Chief Magistrate to remain in police custody for another 10 days while police continue their investigation into the killing of the girl.

Olivia Naserian (pictured) has been accused of stabbing her two-year-old daughter to death before eating her liver, in a gruesome case that has shocked Kenya

The woman is expected to appear for another hearing on May 8. 

Local reports say that Naserian attacked her daughter at their home on a residential estate in Kitengela, around 20 miles south of Kenya’s capital of Nairobi, on April 23.

Shocked witnesses say they watched in horror as the woman stabbed her own daughter to death with a knife before dismembering her body.

Reports say the neighbours then saw he eat parts of the girl’s internal organs, in Kitengela’s Milimani Estate.

According Kenyan newspaper The Star, the locals rushed to the family’s home when they heard the girl’s scream – initially suspected criminals had attacked.

Once there, however, the publications said they found the mother naked and violently attacking her daughter while singing nursery rhymes.

The neighbours tried in vain to break down the door in time to save the girl, with one filming the gruesome attack unfold.

When they were finally able to break into the homestead, the toddler was already dead and the mother had collapsed on the floor, The Star reports.

The locals told the publication that the parents of the young mother – who also live in the house – were not at home at the time of the attack.

Speaking to The Standard – a Kenyan daily newspaper – one neighbour said they heard the mother chanting: ‘You will never cry again my baby…you will forever sleep. I love you, my daughter.’

They said they could remember the baby’s chilling scream as she was attacked.

‘The woman ate her baby’s liver as we watched. She also removed other internal organs search as intestines and heart from the body before becoming unconscious,’ the traumatised neighbour told the publication.

The young girl’s mutilated body was taken for a post mortem at the Kitengela hospital morgue.

Kitengela Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss Benson Mutia said: ‘We believe the court will give us more time to investigate this matter,.

She added that investigators want to establish whether the woman was suffering from mental health problems.

‘What she did to her own baby is unexplainable,’ Mutia said.

Naserian’s aunt told Nairobi Wire that her niece had displayed some bizarre behaviour before the attack on the young girl.

Naserian, 24, appeared in court today (pictured on Kenyan television) charged with killing young Glory Njeri before cutting open her body and eating parts of her organs

Gladys Wanjiku said the 24-year-old had recently returned from Kirinyaga where she had been living with her boyfriend for around eight months.

After initially arriving home and seeming happy, Wanjiku said by the Sunday after her return, Naserian had started shouting and speaking in tongues.

She also broke utensils, windows and the TV before the killing.

‘Something is very wrong. We were not here, but the reports we are getting from our neighbours is that Naserian started talking in tongues and chasing after the only dog at home hours before descending on her child,’ the aunt told Nairobi Wire.        

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