Native Americans fear Harry & Meghan are using holy water to irrigate gardens

NATIVE Americans fear Harry and Meghan are irrigating their gardens with what they regard as holy water.

The couple’s £11million Californian mansion is built on land that once belonged to the Chumash tribe.

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The area is home to several hot and cold springs, plus a series of underground rivers, from which locals divert water.

But tribe leader Eleanor Fishburn, 60, said it should not be used to irrigate their gardens.

She said: “For us, this water is a pure water, a holy water and a ceremonial water.

“As a native population, it is sacred for us and the idea that people in the area are using water from springs to water their gardens is something that doesn’t sit well with us.”

Eleanor, leader of the tribe’s Barbareno- Ventura branch, invited the couple to meet them to discuss alternatives.

She said: “It would be great if they came so we could explain our history and culture and let them know about how sacred the water is to us.

“It would be good to explain to them that if they are using the water to irrigate their garden, they have an alternative choice.”

Last month The Sun told how remains of a man, thought to be part of the Chumash tribe, was found on land close to Harry and Meg’s mansion in Montecito.

The tribe once lived along the coasts of California.

But it says it has overcome the odds to still thrive after “centuries of hardships and abuse”.

Last year, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said the Commonwealth “must acknowledge the past” even if it is “uncomfortable”.

They did not respond to a request to comment.

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