Nora Quoirin sniffer dogs tracked Brit girl’s scent to abandoned fishing hut during jungle hunt

SNIFFER dogs tracked Nora Quoirin's scent to an abandoned fishing hut in the jungle around a mile from her family's villa, an inquest has heard.

Fifteen-year-old Nora vanished on August 4 last year while holidaying with her parents and sibilings at the Dusun resort around 45 miles from Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.

A huge hunt involving more than 350 people, sniffer dogs, and a helicopter was launched, but Nora was found dead around ten days later.

Her body was found in the jungle just over a mile from the resort where she was staying, and she is believed to have survived for six days before dying of starvation.

Malaysian police have consistently said they see no indication of an abduction and believe Nora wandered off, but her parents maintain that Nora, who had severe learning disabilities, would not have gone anywhere on her own.

An inquest into Nora's death which opened last month is intended to establish how Nora died and whether anyone was "criminally" involved.

The inquest heard yesterday that sniffer dogs involved in the search picked up Nora's sent on the outer side of a small picket fence on the edge of the Dusun resort.

The scent led for almost a mile to an abandoned hut previously used as a stop for fishmermen, but was lost shortly after.

A cadaver dog failed to pick up any scent at the scene, meaning Nora was alive when she passed through.

Fadzil bin Arshad, the search operations supervisor of the Fire and Rescue Department, said his team joined the search on August 5, the day after Nora disappeared.

"We had two canine tracker handlers and a Labrador and a Border Collie to lead our efforts," he said.

He said the team was given a piece of Nora's clothing by mother Meabh Quoirin, and emphasised that no scent was detected between the window and the fence at the back of the villa.

"At the rear section fence, a scent was detected,” he said.

"It was only after one went across the fence, did they detect a trail.

"This trail continued until an abandoned shack near a fish pond.

"The trail was lost at the fish pond."

The inquest was also told that regular sniffer dogs picked up no scent on a window at the family's villa that police say they believe Nora could have climbed through.

The window was found open following Nora's disappearance, and was less than 100m from the picket fence where her scent was detected.

Arshad said his team took part in the search for four days, and made no other discoveries.

The inquest earlier heard from the owner of the villa, who said that a part of the picket fence had brought down and was in need of repair prior to Nora's disappaerance.

The inquest is set to conclude in the coming days.

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