Ohio man who posted about mass shootings arrested with 25 guns, 10,000 rounds of ammo in home

An Ohio man who posted about mass shootings online had 25 guns, some of which were assault-style, and more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition in his family home when he was arrested last week, according to federal prosecutors.

Justin Olsen, 18, of Boardman, Ohio, was taken into custody on Aug. 7 following a six-month investigation into his suspicious online activity, Cleveland.com reports. He was charged Monday with threatening to assault a federal law enforcement officer and remains in custody at the Mahoning County Jail.

Olsen’s sole charge stems from a comment he posted on iFunny, a website where users share and discuss memes and GIFs, under the username “ArmyOfChrist,” an account which had accrued over 4,400 subscribers.

On a June comment thread about the Branch Davidians’ notorious 1993 standoff with police in Waco, Texas, in which cult leader David Koresh and many of his followers were killed, Olsen allegedly wrote, “in conclusion, shoot every federal agent on sight.”

Photo: Mahoning County Jail

FBI officials who have been following Olsen’s online activity since February also say they have observed him make comments supporting mass shootings and attacks on Planned Parenthood, according to an affidavit obtained by Cleveland.com.

Upon his arrest, Olsen allegedly admitted to making the aforementioned comments but insisted they were “only a joke.”

Although the investigation into Olsen was ongoing, a prosecutor in the suspect’s hometown recently chose to act on the information in light of multiple recent mass shootings in the U.S., including Gilroy, Calif., El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

The attacks took place less than a week apart and left 34 victims dead and many more injured. 

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