OnlyFans star started having sex with Meta employees after IG ban

OnlyFans star says she REPEATEDLY tracked down Meta employees and had sex with them to get her Instagram account reactivated when it was locked for explicit content – and reveals Insta’s shadowy ‘review’ process

  • OnlyFans star Kitty Lixo claims she got an Instagram reversed by sleeping with employees of parent company Meta
  • Lixo revealed the first time her account got banned, she ‘started sleeping’ with a guy friend to ‘have him get my Instagram back, and he did’ 
  • She learned through this friend, who was not named, that Instagram’s integrity department oversees banned accounts 
  • Each time a request is denied, an employee puts in an internal review to the department, it will go to a new person to review 
  • ‘Basically what a person has to do is keep trying, keeping putting in reviews…you will eventually get your account back,’ she said 
  • The OnlyFans star also revealed she got her account back ‘two or three times’ 

An OnlyFans star claims she had sex with multiple Meta employees in order to get her Instagram reactivated, revealing the shady ‘review’ process for accounts that are shutdown.

Podcaster and OnlyFans creator, known as Kitty Lixo, explains her Instagram account – which is full of lingerie and bikinis shots but no full nudity – was taken down ‘three or four times’ for ‘sexual solicitation’ because she had shared her OnlyFans link.

So she  began ‘sleeping’ with a friend of hers that happened to work at Instagram back. ‘And he did (get her account reactivated), which was really nice of him,’ Lixo said on No Jumper podcast. 

Her friend, who she did not name, gave her the breakdown in the review process, which includes Instagram’s integrity team, who oversees banned accounts. 

She joked that the only way to reverse an Instagram ban is to find an employee that ‘really, really likes you.’ 

‘He basically told me that the integrity department [oversees] reviews,’ she said on the podcast. ‘In order to get it back, if they deny you the first time, basically what a person has to do is keep trying, keeping putting in reviews. 

‘Every time [employees] put in another review, it goes to a different person, so as long as someone keeps trying for you in that department, you will eventually get your account back,’ Lixo said. 

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A content creator known as Kitty Lixo on Instagram and OnlyFans revealed on the No Jumper podcast that the only way to reverse an Instagram ban is to find an employee that ‘really, really likes you’ 

She also revealed she slept with Meta employees, but claims she ‘didn’t cut a deal with anyone like: “Hey you put in a review for me. And I’ll sleep with you”‘

Lixo admitted the process wasn’t easy as she had to go through her guy friend’s Instagram page and match all the Meta employees to their LinkedIn page to discover who was who in the integrity department. 

‘I went on LinkedIn and searched up all of his Instagram connections, and then I searched up the ones in the integrity department, and then I messaged them on LinkedIn to get my account back, but obviously they get so many emails a day,’ she said. 

After the LinkedIn messages failed to get her account reinstated, Lixo made her next move on Instagram, sending DMs from her ‘backup, but still slutty account’ to Meta employees to ‘meet up.’ 

‘I managed to find a few – not from that department, but still people that worked at Instagram in LA. So I found a couple to meet up with…and we met up and I f**ked a couple of them and I was able to account back like two or three times,’ she revealed. 

On the No Jumper podcast (pictured), she revealed her friend, who works at Instagram and who she admitted to sleeping with to get her account back, told her that employees put in internal reviews to the integrity department, who oversees banned accounts 

She also revealed that one of her hook ups told her Instagram has an algorithm that automatically shuts down flagged accounts, she told the Daily Dot in an Instagram message. Afterward, the account will be sent to an employee for review. 

‘If that person doesn’t like your face, or doesn’t care, or is too lazy to really review your case they’ll just close it and stick to their decision,’ she told the Daily Dot. 

Lixo also revealed her account was flagged the first time for ‘sexual solicitation,’ which she believes is because her OnlyFans account was available on her Linktree – a single link that will take user to a list of other links the user wants available to their followers. 

She said her friend ‘put in an internal review’ because there ‘was no solicitation on the page.’ 

‘My [OnlyFans] link is in the Linktree in my bio, which is what most girls do,’ she told the Daily Dot. 

Her first review was denied, which prompted her friend to put in another request to open a new case. She said she reset her account, but it is unclear if she regained access on her own accord or Instagram restored the account internally. 

‘There doesn’t seem to be a lot of uniformity in decision-making internally,’ she told the Daily Dot. 

The Girls Gone Wireless podcast host herself said she didn’t believe she ‘deserved to have my account taken away in the first place,’ and cited users like Chanel Uzi – who she ‘loves’ – as having ‘full-on boobs in her picture and I barely post lingerie pictured.’ 

After stalking her friend’s Instagram connections on LinkedIn, she said she ‘met up’ with a few Meta employees and I’ f**ked a couple of them and I was able to account back like two or three times.’ She also learned through her hooks up that Instagram uses an algorithm to ban flagged accounts before it gets sent to a real employee in the integrity department

She also learned her account had been flagged for ‘sexual solicitation,’ which breaks Meta’s terms of use, which she thinks is because her OnlyFans page was linked in her Linktree in her bio. She later found out her account had also been hacked 

However, under Instagram’s terms of use, which were updated in December 2020, said users ‘cannot offer or ask for pornographic material (including, but not limited to, sharing links to external phonographic websites.’ 

‘We want Instagram to be a safe environment for everyone, and have strict rules against nudity, sexual activity, and sexual solicitation. Under these rules, we don’t allow people to share links to porn websites on Instagram,’ a Meta spokesperson told Refinery29 in 2021. 

‘While OnlyFans isn’t a porn website, we know it can be used in that way, so we take action on accounts that share OnlyFans links when paired with other sexually suggestive content.’ has contacted Lixo for comment. 

Although she said she slept with her guy friend to put in a review, she said: ‘I didn’t cut a deal with anyone like: “Hey you put in a review for me. And I’ll sleep with you.”‘

However, she said she’d ‘100 percent do it again’ to protect her main account, which has a 190,000 followers. 

‘I deserve to be heard [because] I contribute to their platform in a sizeable way,’ she told the Daily Dot. 

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