Paedophile Jeffrey Epstein attended ­Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday

Harvey Weinstein and disgraced paedophile tycoon Jeffrey Epstein ‘were guests at ­Princess Beatrice’s lavish £400,000 18th birthday bash at Windsor Castle’

  •  Serial abuser Jeffrey Epstein was a guest at Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday 
  •  Also in attendance was movie producer and accused rapist Harvey Weinstein
  •  Epstein was arrested on charges of child prostitution just days after the party

Paedophile tycoon Jeffrey Epstein allegedly attended Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday party.

The billionaire reportedly flew into the UK to attend the luxurious Victorian themed party at Windsor castle in 2006, according to royal sources.

Epstein attended the £400,000 party with then partner Ghislaine Maxwell. 

Also said to be in attendance was disgraced movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein. 

Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie at the ball in 2006. Prince Andrew has denied all knowledge of Epstein’s actions and has since stated his regret at knowing the disgraced tycoon

Despite the coming of age party being a tradition for the Royals, it is known that the Queen was not in attendance. 

The shamed financier would be arrested eight days later on charges of child prostitution just days later as part of the FBI investigation Operation Leap Year, though he would only serve 13 months after making a plea deal. 

Beatrice’s younger sister was also at the party, aged 16 at the time, while she bumped shoulders with some of Hollywood’s A-listers.

Epstein attended the party at Windsor castle with then partner Ghislaine Maxwell, who is now accused of sourcing girls for Epstein to exploit

Epstein and Weinstein are said to have been among the 400 celebrity guests. 

It is not currently known whether the two were in direct contact with either of the princesses during the party.

Sources speaking to The Sun said Epstein’s presence illuminates ‘how close he and prince Andrew really were.’

One said: ‘It goes to show how Epstein worked his way into the very heart of the British establishment — rubbing shoulders with royalty at a palace.’

Also at the party, which was attended by 18-year old Beatrice and 16-year-old Eugenie, was accused rapist Harvey Weinstein, pictured leaving a court in Manhattan earlier this year 

Despite Epstein’s suicide in August, investigators have vowed to continue their investigation into the abuse charges.

Among those suspected to have aided Epstein’s perverted actions is Ghislaine Maxwell who has been accused of procuring girls for him.

Prince Andrew has also been accused of sleeping with one of Epstein’s victims, Virginia Roberts. Prince Andrew has strongly denied these charges and has publicly stated his regret at having any relationship with Epstein. 

The total cost of the party was expected to be £400,000 and included £215,000 on food and drink, £65,000 on flowers and £120,000 on security, outfits, design and staff costs.

Guests were taken to the party venue in buses. Extra police were on hand along with tight security provided by Polyguard, a private firm specialising in remote surveillance.

Musicians from the Royal Philharmonic were also bussed in. By way of contrast, they were joined by the bizarre burlesque troupe Circo Rum Ba Ba who provided performers in outlandish costumes to circulate among stunned guests.

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