Phil Mickelson's mom was too nervous to text him during final round, so she asked his sister to do it

There was a lot on the line for Phil Mickelson on Sunday. After a roller coaster final round at the PGA Championship, Mickelson took home the trophy, winning his sixth major and becoming the oldest man to win a major tournament. 

With so much at stake, there was a lot of nervousness. Not from Mickelson, but from his mother, Mary, who was watching at home. 

Tina Mickelson, Phil's sister, fielded what she called "nervous texts" from Mary all afternoon. She shared one of their exchanges on Twitter, which was absolutely adorable. 

While you guys were busy on the golf course, I was busy fielding Mom’s “nervous texts”.😂 @[email protected]/ZyZZ5xvdRN

— Tina Mickelson (@TinaMickelson) May 24, 2021

That text might be the most mom thing ever. The world might know him as "Phil Mickelson," but to his mom he's still "Philip." And Mary knows what mothers everywhere know: no matter how old they are, kids don't listen to their mothers. 

Since Mary didn't think her son would listen to her advice, she asked Tina to text him instead. But Tina knew the real way to get to Phil: through Tim, who was not just his caddy but their brother. 

Tina didn't reveal whether or not she actually texted Tim, but she did share an exchange they had at a recent family dinner where Phil and Tim warned the whole family that his victory on Sunday might be coming. 

Last week at a family dinner:
Phil: I had a complete breakthrough/epiphany today. I will win soon.
Tim: I can attest to that. Playing best golf in a while.
Today was not as shocking as it might have seemed. @[email protected]

— Tina Mickelson (@TinaMickelson) May 24, 2021

The world may have been surprised by Mickelson's victory at the PGA Championship on Sunday, but his family may have a little less surprised than everyone else. 

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