Plane crash footage shows cabin crew walk away unable to save more people

Horrific new footage from the Moscow plane tragedy shows the agonising moment cabin crew and rescuers walk away from the burning jet unable to save anyone else.

The fire, which killed 41 people, can be seen raging from the Aeroflot flight moments after it completed an emergency landing following a suspected strike by lightning.

Flight attendants Tatiana Kasatkina, 34, and Ksenia Fogel, 27, have since won praise from survivors for saving their lives.

But by the time this video was shot by passenger Oleg Molchanov, it was deemed impossible to rescue anyone else from the inferno.

A total of 37 survived including four of the five crew members.

The flight crew are seen walking away a safe distance from the burning plane.

On board, their colleague Maxim Moisteev, 22, was killed in the flames.

Shocking new testimonies from passengers tells of the on-board terror in the minutes after take off when lightning hit the Russian-made plane.

They have spoken of the desperate attempts to escape through intense heat and toxic black smoke in the cabin once the jet had made a rough landing jumping along the tarmac.

Flames erupted from the jet's engines after it made it touched down at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow.

Survivor Molchanov, 35, who was on the plane with his wife Yulia, 31, said: “About the speed of burning – I did not really expect a plane to burn like plastic glass.

"The safety illuminators (showing the nearest emergency exit) at my row melted even before the plane stopped.

“In terms of who survived, it was just pure luck and not about panic.

“One breath of that black toxic smoke and a person would not stand up from his seat.

"And in the situation of zero visibility nobody would save him, he is simply not seen.

“It was impossible to breath. There were no full face masks in the plane, or they were not found in time.”

He added: “I was the last to get out, no-one from behind where I was sitting.

“I don’t quite understand why almost all behind the 12th row are dead."

“It was not possible to understand anything, everyone was screaming.

"One woman blocked the aisle, she was quickly lifted and all went out. Nobody pushed me at the back.

“Nobody jumped over me. The last part of my way I was crawling, there was nothing to breathe with.

“But my way was clear.”

A 22-year-old American fisherman from Santa Fe, New Mexico, was the only foreigner on the Sukhoi SuperJet-100.

Jeremy Brooks was in seat 15F and in was on his way to work as a guide for wealthy tourists in an Arctic tourist lodge.

Another victim was tragic Russian 12-year-old schoolgirl Sofia Novikova – the youngest fatality, and the second child in her family to die in a Russian catastrophe in seven months after her cousin was killed in a savage school shootout in October.

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