Plane's emergency slide FALLS from aircraft & lands in Chicago garden

United Airlines Boeing 767 emergency slide falls in a backyard as flight from Switzerland lands at Chicago O’Hare Airport

  • Resident Patrick Devitt was at home on the city’s Northwest Side when the silver slide crashed into the side of his house landing in his backyard
  • Workers at O’Hare realized after the jet landed that one of its evacuation slides was missing 
  • The FAA is currently investigating the case  

Residents in a Chicago heard a loud boom after an emergency slide fell from a United Airlines Boeing 767 into a man’s backyard as the plane came in to land at O’Hare Airport.

Patrick Devitt was driving home to his home on North Chester Avenue on the city’s Northwest Side when he said his son and father-in-law, who were home at the time, ‘heard a loud boom hit the side of the house’ at around midday Monday.

Devitt said the pair initially didn’t think much of the noise until his father-in-law went outside and discovered the silver slide crumpled in the yard.

Neither one of them could not immediately identify what the slide was other than ‘obviously something that should not be there’ and called 911 after noticing fuel caps on the sides of the object. 

Thankfully no one was injured when the slide fell from the aircraft, which was arriving from Switzerland. The FAA is now handling the investigation.

Law enforcement officers were on the scene Monday afternoon when an emergency slide fell from a plane and landed in the backyard in the North Side of Chicago

A map shows the proximity of the backyard where the missing slide was found relative to Chicago’s O’Hare airport, where the United flight the dropped the slide safely landed

A fully inflated emergency aircraft is shown deployed from the side of a plane

Investigators and members of the Chicago PD inspect the slide found in a local yard

Patrick said the Chicago Police Department ‘were great, they were here right away,’ and that other units joined them soon after. The slide was eventually cleared away at around 3.45pm. 

Devitt said his house sustained ‘slight damage,’ but ‘nothing too crazy’ in the freak incident.

Maintenance workers at Chicago O’Hare discovered an emergency evacuation slide was missing from a United Airlines Boeing 767 that had just landed without incident after flying in from Europe.

United said the Boeing in question was manned by 10 crew members and had 155 customers on board. 

‘We immediately contacted the FAA and are working with our team to better understand the circumstances around this matter,’ United added in a statement. 

The slide has now been removed from the yard. 

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