Putin faces Prigozhin’s revenge from ‘beyond the grave’ as Wagner boss prepared ‘Plan B’ to bring down Vlad | The Sun

WAGNER rebel Yevgeny Prigozhin prepared a "Plan B" to topple Vladimir Putin in case he was killed, sources claim.

The feared mercenary army boss, 62, is presumed dead after his private jet crashed in a fireball on Wednesday.

Speculation is rife Prigozhin was killed on Putin's orders after denting the tyrant's authority with a short-lived coup just two months ago.

But despite claims Putin has silenced his enemy for good, sources say the dictator could face Prigozhin's revenge from beyond the grave.

Russian human rights activist Vladimir Osechkin said insiders claim Prigozhin had a plan up his sleeve for if he died to leak Putin's most confidential secrets.

Igor Sushko, from research group Winds of Chagne, tweeted: "Osechkin is 99.999% certain that Prigozhin was indeed assassinated by Putin.

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"Osechkin's source: Prigozhin's security services collected all of their electronics & documents from their offices and disappeared.

"Prigozhin had a plan 'B' for this situation and massive kompromat leaks against Putin personally are expected to follow, if he is indeed dead."

Meanwhile, it is claimed Wagner forces had planned a "full mobilisation" plan for if their leader was killed.

According to Russian outlet Readovka – which has ties with Prigozhin – the mercenaries had a "long-established approved mechanism of action in the event of the death of Prigozhin or Dmitry Utkin".

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Wagner group make chilling threat after jet carrying Putin’s enemy explodes

Shady members of Wagner threatened to once again march on Moscow, should Prigozhin be confirmed dead.

They announced in a video: "Many discussions of what Wagner will do in this situation.

"We'll say one thing – we're starting off. Expect us."

Both Wagner and Moscow sources have claimed Prigozhin and his right-hand man Utkin are dead – but in the cloak and dagger of Russia, there has been no official confirmation.

The bodies of all ten people who died in the fiery crash have been taken to a morgue for forensic examination.

And according to reports, Prigozhin's phone has been found in the wreckage.

Rumours on Russian social media suggest explosives were loaded onto the plane hidden inside an "expensive wine" crate before ten people were killed in the fiery smash.

And the Institute for the Study of War said their findings show Putin "almost certainly" ordered the Russian military to bring down the jet.

Meanwhile, Prigozhin's flight attendant told her family of an unexplained hold-up and suggested the aircraft was being "repaired" before the flight.

After leaving Moscow on Wednesday, the jet was filmed spiralling towards the ground from 28,000ft as smoke poured out.

Shocking photos of the aftermath revealed the mangled burnt-out wreckage of the plane.

But there is speculation Prigozhin may have escaped Putin's wrath after a second plane was spotted just half an hour after the crash.

Prigozhin previously faked his own death and was declared dead in Africa in 2019 before re-emerging three days later.

Putin's former lapdog enraged the tyrant as he staged an armed insurrection on June 23 in a bid to topple Russia's military leaders as he turned on the top brass in Moscow.

However, the steaming rebellion was blown out after Prigozhin struck a bitter deal with Putin putting an end to an astonishing 36-hours that saw Wagner forces reach within 125 miles of the capital.

It comes after at least 40 high profile Russian figures have mysteriously died since Putin launched his bloody war in Ukraine over a year ago

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Experts believe Putin appears to be presiding over a "mafia" state where murder is a tool used to defeat his enemies and to scare his uneasy allies into keeping in line.

Prigozhin flew to Moscow for an unknown reason after returning from Africa – and it is unknown if he was summoned there by the Kremlin.

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