Putin’s 16,000mph ‘Satan-2’ nuke with 12 warheads that could destroy UK to be ready in a year in WW3 fears

RUSSIA says its 16,000mph hypersonic ‘Satan-2’ missile which can fit 12 nuclear warheads and could destroy the UK will go into service within a year.

The Kremlin will also significantly increase the number of test launches of its nuke-tipped rockets in 2022, amid fears its tensions with neighbour Ukraine could spark World War 3.

And the head of Moscow’s strategic missile forces Col-Gen Sergey Karakayev vowed to replace the Mach-27 capable Avangard hypersonic gliding unit by the time the West finds an “antidote” to it.

This comes as images purport to show heavy weaponry suspected to be en route to a military field camp near the village of Klintsy in Bryansk region, some 28 miles from the Ukrainian border.

Vladimir Putin has amassed more than 100,000 troops near the border in a terrifying escalation of hostilities in recent months.

Meanwhile, Russia today marks its annual Day of Strategic Rocket Forces.

Speaking of the Satan-2 weapon, also known as Sarmat, Col-Gen Karakayev said: "Starting from 2022, it is planned to begin gradual removal of the heavy-class silo-based Voyevoda missile system and replace it with Sarmat."

The 15,880mph weapon can deliver between 10 and 15 warheads that weigh up to 10-tonnes to any point in the world flying over both the North and South Poles, say the Kremlin.

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It has the capability to use trajectories and unpredictable routes which “substantially impede their destruction even by advanced missile defence systems”.

Karakayev also vowed to keep developing hypersonic weapons – which move too fast for current missile defence systems – to stay ahead of the West.

He said: "We must understand this and do it and go further with hypersonic weapons.

“By the time they find an antidote, we must have found another solution to this.

“And today we are working on it. There are developments, there is work in progress.

“I think that this task is within our reach.”


Moscow also made clear that in the coming year it would launch more than ten intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) – rockets which can fly across the globe.

This compares with a total of 25 such launches in the past five years, indicating a significant increase.

Western leaders have warned Russia against the “strategic mistake” of invading Ukraine, threatening unprecedented sanctions against Moscow.

New military movements highlighted by Zaspisky Okhotnika Telegram channel were interpreted as boosting forces with heavy weapons at military field camps near the village off Klintsy.


Tanks are seen being moved by train. Russia has strongly insisted that it is entitled to move military forces on its own territory, and denied it intends to invade Ukraine.

The West has expressed deep concern over the number of Russian forces in Voronezh region.

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has insisted that her country has “no aggressive intentions”.

“We have repeatedly said that on our sovereign territory we have every right to move military units at our own discretion,” she said.

But she claimed that NATO “is doing everything to destabilise the situation on the continent and undermine the foundations of European security."

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