Putin's 'god-father’ advisor revealed as shadowy billionaire who bankrolls President's millionaire 'mistresses'

VLADIMIR Putin's pal runs a "Godfather-style" operation that bankrolls the Russian leaders mistresses, according to reports.

The man allegedly holding Putin's purse strings is billionaire Yury Kovalchuk, who has been described as the second most powerful man in Russia by opposition Proekt Media.

Reporting on Kavalchuck, 69, Proekt said: “This is Yury Kovalchuk, Vladimir Putin’s old friend and likely the second most influential man in Russia. 

“Thanks to exceptional closeness to the president, Kovalchuk is in charge of domestic politics and media.

“So Putin when he became the president also needed his personal Consigliere, a person in charge of his personal bank, all Russia’s internal politics, loyal media and the main asset – his women.”

Leaked information shows that a pro-Kremlin media group that Kovalchuk has close ties to, pays Putin's alleged partner Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva, 37, close to £8million a year, and made her chairman.

Shares to the same value in Rossiya Bank were arranged as “alimony” for a suspected former mistress, Svetlana Krivonogikh, who Proekt claim is the mother of a secret Putin daughter, now aged 17. 

Proekt stated about National Media Group: “Kovalchuk has his beloved nephew Kirill as its president, and former gymnast Alina Kabayeva as its Chairman of the board. 

“The president’s Consigliere pays her a salary of 800 million roubles a year.

“Why do all these women receive 800 million?”

The report also claims that Kovalchuk’s empire  has also provided indirect  financial backing to Putin’s two daughters Maria Vorontsova, 35, and Katerina Tikhonova, 34, from his marriage to former Russian first lady Lyudmila, which ended in 2013.

Proekt went on to say: “In other words, all Putin’s important women have been settled by (his) personal Consigliere.

“The futures of Katerina, Maria, Svetlana and Alina are in the safe hands of Yury Kovalchuk.

“Behind Don Vito Corleone’s back is always seen his personal Consigliere,” stated the media outlet which claims to have obtained exclusive details of the remuneration of women close to the strongman."

Kovalchuk – worth £1.8 billion – controls directly or  indirectly some 90 per cent of Russia’s “traditional media”, the report claims. 

It went on: “Like monarchs of the past, the president of Russia has a special man responsible for the most secretive parts of the ruler’s life – his money, his women and his spare time.

When Putin went into self-imposed virtual isolation for the pandemic, the oligarch – nicknamed ‘Putin’s banker’ – supposedly remained at his side. 

Sources cited by Proekt and described Kovalchuk as a ‘genius’ who shared Putin’s way of thinking and sense of humour. 

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said that the president is under attack over a succession of so-called leaks supposedly relating to his family, health and wealth. 

Peskov said he expected the campaign to continue and the Kremlin knew ‘more or less’ who was behind it, though he did not say. 

He also today denied a claim that Putin has had a replica office built at his official residence on the Black Sea – to make it seem he is in Moscow when he is in fact in resort Sochi.

He described the report – also from Proekt – as “another nonsense”.

Putin “works in Moscow”, he said. 

“I have said many times, we can imagine who is behind this,” he said.

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