Rochdale grooming gang member battling deportation invokes Churchill

Paedophile Rochdale grooming gang member battling decision to send him back to Pakistan invokes Winston Churchill as he makes plea to court against deportation

  • Paedophile from Rochdale grooming gang is battling deportation to Pakistan
  • Dail Jhan, 51, invoked Winston Churchill as he plead his case at a tribunal today
  • He was part of a gang convicted of a catalogue of serious sex offences in 2012 
  • Khan got a girl, 13, pregnant when he was in his 40s but denied he was the father, and trafficked a 15-year-old girl to others, using violence when she complained

A paedophile from the Rochdale grooming gang who is battling deportation invoked Winston Churchill at a tribunal today as he tried to stop himself being sent back to Pakistan.

Adil Khan, 51, was part of a gang convicted of a catalogue of serious sex offences in May 2012. 

Khan was in his 40s when he got a 13-year-old girl pregnant, refusing to accept the child was his until a DNA test was done. He then met another girl, 15, and trafficked her to others, using violence when she complained. He was jailed for eight years in 2012.

At an Immigration Tribunal hearing today he said: ‘We have come to the court for justice.

‘In our childhood, we used to hear something about this country when there was the Second World War going on, at that time Sir Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister.

‘My plea is also this: if our courts are furnishing justice, I don’t have to say anything.’ 

Adil Khan, 51 (pictured), was a member of the notorious Rochdale grooming gang and got a 13-year-old girl pregnant

Khan and Qari Abdul Rauf, 52, are set to be deported for the public good because of their roles in the Rochdale grooming gang.

For two years, from 2008, a gang of men in Rochdale preyed on girls as young as 12, plying them with alcohol and drugs before they were gang-raped in rooms above takeaway shops and ferried to different flats in taxis where cash was paid to use them.

The gang groomed as many as 47 girls.

Since their release from jail, Khan and Rauf have fought a long legal battle against deportation, mounting multiple legal challenges and appeals, spanning several years, on the grounds that deportation would interfere with their human rights.

Khan, who is not legally represented and spoke through a Miripuri interpreter, was asked if he had anything to say in support of his case.

Earlier, Khan said he only knew 10 words of English so could not groom anyone and denied being part of the grooming gang, blaming racism for his prosecution.

Adil Khan, 51, and Qari Abdul Rauf, 52 (pictured), have been told they will be sent back to Pakistan for the good of the British public, after both were part of a gang convicted of a catalogue of serious sex offences in May 2012

Judge Charlotte Welsh told the hearing the tribunal must consider Khan and Rauf’s level of integration into British life, both culturally and socially, and his contribution to society.

Father-of-five Rauf trafficked a 15-year-old girl for sex, driving her to secluded areas to have sex with her in his taxi and ferry her to a flat in Rochdale where he and others had sex with her.

Failure to deport any of the grooming gang has led to anger in Rochdale, where victims were living alongside their tormentors.

The appeal hearing against both men was adjourned until Monday next week.

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