Serena Williams admits her tennis career was hard on her relationship

Serena Williams spoke candidly about the pressures that her superstar career in tennis occasionally puts on her personal relationships.

Speaking on the latest episode of Wondermind's podcast, Business of Feelings, the tennis sensation opened up about how success in her field isn't always all it's made out to be.

"It definitely can be lonely at the top. In particular, tennis," she said. "People don’t realize how many hours you spend by yourself. So much so that it was hard for me in a relationship because I am so used to being alone every single minute and day of my life that it’s like, Well, I can’t even be around people. And a lot of people don’t realize that."

Williams married Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian; together, the couple share five-year-old daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.

"So you get this celebration and it’s like, great, but behind closed doors, the life is different because you also have to live your life, whether going outside becomes a problem because there is no privacy," Williams continued. "But all that stuff is great because if there is no privacy that means you’re successful, and that’s kind of what you want, but it comes at a cost, right? And it’s worth the cost if you think it is. But there is always a tradeoff."

Last year, Williams talked about what it takes to create a last marriage while playing a rapid-fire Q&A for Bumble.

"Marriage is not bliss. But it can be if you work at it," she said. "A dealbreaker for me in a relationship is definitely loyalty. Well, not having it, that is."

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