Sheriff’s deputy admits he ‘completely fabricated’ report of sniper attack

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy “completely fabricated” a report that he was shot by a sniper — slashing his own shirt to appear as if he were struck by gunfire, authorities said.

Deputy Angel Reinosa, 21, initially claimed that a sniper shot him Wednesday while he was unloading his patrol car at the Lancaster station parking lot, NBC News reported.

He told dispatchers that he was struck in the shoulder by gunfire from an open window of a nearby apartment building.

But his story started to unravel as soon as he arrived at the emergency room, where it was apparent that he wasn’t injured, authorities said.

Officers investigating the supposed attack were unable to recover any bullets at the scene or locate the sniper.

In a follow-up interview, Reinosa admitted to making up the alleged attack and using a knife to cut two holes in shirt.

“There was no sniper, no shots fired, and no gunshot injury sustained to his shoulder ― completely fabricated,” LA County Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau Captain Kent Wegener said Saturday night at a press conference.

Reinosa has been relieved of his duties and will face a criminal investigation, officials said.

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