Sister of murdered British expat wants ex-lover who shot him executed

‘She doesn’t ­deserve to live’: Sister of British millionaire jeweller, 48, dubbed ‘Mr Bling of Marbella’ wants his jealous ex-lover executed after she shot him dead in cold blood in his Spanish villa

  • Rachel Bush says brother’s killer Mayka Kukucova was ‘obsessed’ with his wealth
  • Kukucova laid in wait at Mr Bush’s Malaga home before shooting him three times
  • Victim’s daughter Ellie says ‘I’ll never have my dad to walk me down the aisle’ 

The sister of a slain British millionaire who was shot dead by his jealous ex-girlfriend says she wants her executed.

Rachel Bush says she will never forgive Mayka Kukucova for murdering her wealthy jeweller brother Andy Bush, 48, at his luxury Costa del Sol home in Spain in 2014- especially as she left her niece without a father.

Rachel said her brother’s daughter Ellie is constantly reminded of the fact that her father will never walk her down the aisle and for that Kukucova ‘does not deserve to live.’ 

Kukucova, 26 at the time, waited in Mr Bush’s bed with a .38 revolver before murdering the once-dubbed Mr Bling of Marbella in cold blood – shooting him three times, twice in the head.

Now Rachel wishes the crime had taken place in a country where the Slovakian native could be put to death.

She said: ‘I’ve lost my brother, who was my best friend.

Andy Bush (pictured) aka Mr Bling of Marbella, was shot and killed in his Costa del Sol home by his jealous ex-girlfriend in 2014

Rachel Bush (left), 49, says her slain brother’s daughter Ellie (right) says ‘I’ll never have my dad to walk me down the aisle’ 

Andy Bush and his daughter Ellie pose with a red Ferrari along the Costa del Sol – before he was killed in cold blood by a jealous ex-girlfriend 

‘She didn’t just destroy her own life and her family’s life, she’s changed our lives forever.

‘It’s a shame it wasn’t in America in a state where if you take a life then your life gets taken, because that’s what would make me feel that’s proper justice. 

‘In my eyes, she doesn’t ­deserve to live.’

Kukucova fled to Slovakia before being extradited back to Spain to face trial, where she was convicted of murder in May 2016 and handeda 15 year sentence, which was reduced a year later to 13 years and nine months.

Rachel added: ‘I could never forgive her. For my own soul and spirit, that’s what you should do, but I don’t know how anybody could forgive that.

‘So she can still live her life. Where is Ellie’s dad and her relationship with her dad gone? Ellie always says, “I’ll never have my Dad to walk me down the aisle”.’

Rachel said Kukucova was obsessed with her brother’s fortune.

She told the Sun: ‘I could tell their relationship was a bit rocky. I said to him, ‘If you are splitting up, you need to watch your back, because she is not right’.’

Mayka Kukucova (pictured), 26 at the time, waited in the bed of Mr Bush’s home with a .38 revolver before murdering the once-dubbed Mr Bling of Marbella in cold blood – shooting him three times, twice in the head.

‘And I’ll never forget I said that to him.

‘She’s a pretty girl, but to me she’s ugly, couldn’t get no ­uglier, because she’s got the ugliest personality on this earth. All she was ­interested in was money.’

The killing took place six months after Mr Bush and Kukucova split, in April 2014.

Prosecutors said the Slovakian flew into a jealous rage upon seeing him with his new girlfriend – who he had proposed to on the night of his murder.

During the trial, the court heard how an ‘obsessed’ Kukucova began stalking Mr Bush and that in the three days running up to his death she had been in his house without his consent.

Mr Bush’s fiancee Maria Korotaeva, 27, told of how she hid in the car terrified as he was shot three times inside the property.

The Russian has claimed in a new tell-all book that she believes Kukucova was actually instructed to carry out the killing over Mr Bush’s plans to establish a jewellery business in London.

She claims he received death threats in the weeks before his murder but that they did not report them as they did not take them seriously. 

The pair had dinner on the night of the murder, which is when Mr Bush proposed, before driving his £60,000 gold-plated Humvee 4×4 home, not knowing that Kukucova was lying in wait with a gun.   

Ms Korotaeva said: ‘I’m now worried she may come find me when she gets out. God knows what she is thinking. What is in her head?’

The case featured on a new true crime series called Murder in Paradise last week.

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